Duterte Supporters: Bayan o Sarili, Mamili ka?!?

Duterte’s minions decided to not heed the call of their idol, and to continue with their planned, million march on Luneta, last September 26, to convince the Pabebe Politician to run for president. According to professional estimates, around 50,000 attended at best. That’s the highest estimate I heard on the news. Which is obviously a far cry to the 1 million initially planned.

I’ll say it out right, I will not vote for Duterte, I do not want to vote for Duterte so much, that I’d much rather a thief become president than this Murderer.

Now, on to the disappointment that was the million march. Several of my Facebook friends claim that he is the only hope for the Philippines, and yet those same people, did not attend the rally. Why didn’t they attend? Probably because of a lot of reason, but all of their reason can probably be equated to the question presented above (the title). And sadly they chose themselves.

If they really believe that Duterte is the only hope of the country, shouldn’t that “idiotic belief” compel them to make sure that he wins, how can he win if he doesn’t run? Instead, they have just shown to all politicians how small their (the middle class) resolve is. Furthermore, this will just encourage the politicians to pander more to the poor and those you (middle class) claim as bobotantes. Not only did they just show that they couldn’t be bothered to make a stand for the good of our nation. They’ve also shown that their answer to the question “Country or self”, is self. Buencamino would have been proud.

On the other hand, the event (or the non-event) that was the million march, further supported my belief, that these Duterte supporters really do not care who will win. They just want to vote for the most unlikely to win the next election, so that they can continue on criticizing the Filipino’s choice by saying, “you didn’t vote for Duterte that’s why there’s no hope for this country”. The truth, I believe is, they are afraid that the one that they are supporting actually wins. Because if their candidate wins, they will have to admit after a couple of years, that they are dumb fucks.

DAFUQ that is Duterte

dutereteSo today, someone decided to do a Q&A interview with the Ultimate Pabebe politician of Today. Rodrigo Duterte. Here’s the full interview and some of my comments in Quotes


PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: Peace has always been elusive for Mindanao. Many are rooting for you to run for President in 2016 because what you’ve done for Davao City, they say, can also be implemented on a national scope. As for peace, lasting peace, how would you attain it, that is, if you do become President?

MAYOR RODRIGO DUTERTE: I have one solution: Give them freedom. Mindanao is already an existing empire for many years before it was denied to them. We were not known as Filipinos before the Spaniards came. We belonged to the Malay race. Suddenly in 1521, white people arrived and imposed their government on us and brought with them the Christian religion. I don’t want this to sound like I’m making an issue of religion. Religion is good in the sense that it provides the anchor of our values in life. The problem was the government. When Magellan landed, he proclaimed these islands as the property of Spain. Suddenly the islands were owned by the king of Spain. For the longest time we identified ourselves through religion with Spain and with the rest of the Western world. Except Mindanao. And so they fought and rallied under one banner: Islam. Not only did they fight against the government, they also fought against Spain’s religion. At the Treaty of Paris, we were ceded by Spain to America.

So the long and short of it is: For the longest time we were never given the rights over the islands. But we cannot go back to 1521. During the American occupation, people from different parts of the country were allowed to migrate to Mindanao. American sloganeering said: “Go to Mindanao because it is a land of promise.” So because of the proximity of the islands, Visayans went to Mindanao, most were Christians. This is the reason why Mindanao has a huge Visayan-speaking population.

But see, this is where the problem lies. But we cannot return all the lands or all the things that were absorbed by the migrants. We cannot go back in time. We cannot return to Mindanaoans what was taken from them. All we can now offer is a new set-up: Federalism. I’ve had many a conversation with Nur Misuari. He accepts federalism.

GRAPHIC: Do you believe in incorporating the idea of a federal state in the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

DUTERTE: I’ve read the Bangsamoro Basic Law. I’m a lawyer and as a lawyer I have my misgivings about the BBL. Even at this stage, many have been pointing to legal infirmities. But I still hope that for the sake of peace in Mindanao, they could pull it off.

As we all know, Misuari has been agitating for a separate republic. I told him that could lead to chaos. And when I asked him for the best option, he said federalism. If nothing else, and if the BBL succeeds, that could be the template. But we have to be very definite about the boundaries because we have to go federal. There has to be a sense of security within our boundaries. With federalism, we retain most of our earnings and whatever is of value to us here. We can send part of our earnings to the central Federal government as our contribution for the upkeep. In this present setup, our contribution is sent as unitary type and all the extras are at the mercy of this administration. I’m not referring to just Aquino but all other administrations in the history of this country.

GRAPHIC: Is this part of the reason why you were quoted as saying that you want to abolish Congress if you ever become President?

The last person to decide to abolish Congress was Marcos

DUTERTE: I am not interested in being the President. I do not like to be President. Besides, I do not have the money. There should always be a prefix here. A prefix that’s something like, if I were Roxas, Binay, Escudero and Poe, then I would use the “I” because it’s more convenient to express it. So, if “I” become the President, I’ll give everybody a chance and tell them let us, at least for once in our generation, vote for candidates that could make a difference. For own good, this time. Okay, maybe this time, we work on it. Let us give ourselves about one year. Then, we try to reform. Everybody—the Judiciary, Congress, the Military. Let us do it for ourselves. Give it six months to a year. How am I going to do it? How can I fast-track reforms?

Ultimate Proof of a Pabebe Politician

You see, if you leave it to the existing structures, even to natural evolution, nothing’s going to work. Ignorance is still a real problem among Filipinos. Hopefully, by the grace of God, we can educate many of them. But what’s happening is the opposite. The country has breached the one hundred million mark in population. I am not blaming the Church, but they should understand the problem. Many people bear children because they have nothing better to do. The gap between the rich and the poor—this will catch up with us, the earliest being 2050.

So, if you elect me as President, I will have a problem. Now, this I can guarantee you with my life: If I become the President, I would not sit there for a full term, after six uneventful years and say, “I tried my best, but you know, my best was not good enough. There’s this Congress, there’s the investigation, there’s…”You can forget it. If that would be the case, then I suggest you look for somebody else.

I’ve been elected mayor seven times or eight times already, so what am I after in this life? I cannot be President and squander the remaining years of my life doing nothing. You know, a little reform here, a little change there. That’s absurd. I cannot accept that.

If after one year, no reform has taken place or if I cannot penetrate the political structures including what is right and what is wrong, I will declare a revolutionary government. My template? Cory’s revolutionary government. She was elected President and she declared a revolutionary government. Since she received the mandate, it wasn’t hard to accept it. It will be the same under my watch.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: Define your style of “revolutionary government”?

DUTERTE: I will close Congress, everything. I will forbid government to go into business, the private corporations. I will privatize the GSIS by giving it to a consortium. That way, the people will not have difficulty getting what is theirs in the first place. I will close all government corporations. Government has no business getting into business.

San Miguel Corporation is partly owned by the government, will this be closed as well?

Then the eternal conflict: The Bureau of Internal Revenue. Our taxes. How much do you earn, your gross salary? Let’s make it simple then. Fill in the blanks and pay the bank. Why even go through all the hassle that we are having now? The BIR, the Bureau of Customs, I’ll have them all semi-privatized, just to keep the integrity of the money of government.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: Just to clarify: You would choose to simplify the tax code.

DUTERTE: Yes. Taxes, gross. Keep it all simple. You get a gross salary of P15,000. You pay taxes for what you get. That simple.

Don’t we all love to hear those words? But almost every presidentiables in the past has said those lines, and almost all of them didn’t follow through. The closest we’ve ever got of someone from promising about of taxes is Pnoy’s promise of no additional taxes, To which he delivered and to which you didn’t notice because you were hellbent against Pnoy. The sin tax law was already in the final step of being a law when he came into power, so that doesn’t count.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: What about not going into business? Can you explain that? No more dealings and projects?

DUTERTE: I will not embark on new projects. I will simply choose to rehabilitate existing ones. Then I will spend the money on the education of our children. I will not go into ambitious projects anymore, those that run in the billions. For example: Our mass transport system must be improved.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: Metro Manila does not know you as well your constituents in Davao. So when you say “revolutionary government,” it might come off as another form of strong-arm tactics. At one point you’ve been rumored as the head of the Davao death squad. So, how will you explain your idea of a revolutionary government to people in Metro Manila?

DUTERTE: “If you’re into drug pushing, extortion, kidnapping, whether you’re part of the police or military, I don’t care. These are serious crimes and you might want to think it over. But as for law-abiding citizens, you have nothing to fear. They once said I was a candidate for the communists. Do you see any communist running loose around Davao?”

That’s all well and good, until someone gets wrongfully accused, The video above for example shows an innocent businessman accused of Drug Pushing, and by Butete’s standard, that’s already a reason to kill you, granted the police officers would be killed afterwards as well, but the victim’s already dead. Which is why those who advocates extra-judicial killings are morons.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: So you really believe what you have accomplished in Davao can be done on a national scale?

DUTERTE: Look, I can talk to communists. As for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, I will let it remain with the head of government. The police, however, I will take away from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). I will recreate the Philippine Constabulary and give the police back to the mayors. But if officials start f*cking with their powers, then I will take that power away and put in your stead the Philippines Constabulary—elections or no elections. That simple.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: What are your thoughts on the laying down of arms of rebel forces?

DUTERTE: Alam mo, if we go into equalization, there is only one government. They have to be decommissioned.

But let me make something clear: You don’t have to fear communists. Why do you fear communists and communism? The Communist Party is only a name, but what is being stressed there is socialism. Socialists, where do you find them? In Greece, Spain, France, Germany. Some people have an idea of communism as living in a collective commune—in a farm. You’re afraid of communism? Look at China. America owes China $3 trillion. I was once invited to visit China. Their airport taxi service are all Mercedes Benzes. It was only in China that I was able to ride a Rolls Royce.

So, you’re afraid of communists? Now tell me, who will be stupid enough to go and live in a collective commune? Even the Chinese don’t buy the idea! If I find a communist who agrees with that, I will tell him to his face that he is stupid. Let’s follow the example of China. China, today, is a market-driven economy. It boasts of some of the world’s billionaires. There’s no reason to fear communists.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: It has been said that the trickle-down effect of the economy is a false concept, that it is not true. If that is the case, then there’s no reason for an economy that is good only on paper to help improve the lives of people. What are your thoughts on the matter?

DUTERTE: That is correct. The secret is to close the gap. How do you do that? You have to give full support to the micro-economy, the small- and medium-scale entrepreneur. Since we’re on the subject of China, let’s have China as an example. China’s economy started out small. After small profits, you drum up the sales and continue until you reach some success. I agree with Manny Villar’s principle of making the money available to small enterprises. The same is true with land reform. They asked me once if as President I will continue land reform. I said, I will. There are lands that are really productive that are owned and managed by big multinationals. But the problem is, as I have said before, we are left with very few lands. To land beneficiaries, they must get the needed support—tractors or carabaos or seedlings. I say maintain their farm gates by buying their products. Do not import.

As it is, land beneficiaries do not get fertilizers and seedlings. No support at all. As President, I will subsidize the farmers and make them my priority all because our country is mainly agricultural. Land and human resource productivity is where we must focus our resources. Let’s put rural communities first. After which we go urban.

That’s also your blueprint for land reform?

DUTERTE: Yes. Tignan mo ang land reform.Papaano ang land reform? Wala namang… walang fertilizer, walang seedlings. You have to… I-subsidize ko because our country actually is agricultural-based. So yan, diyan mo ibuhos ang productivity ng tao.Doon unahin mo yung mga rural. Then you go up sa urban. The present setup cannot go on. Also a salary of P25,000 should not be taxed. This will help the individual a lot. Government will still have the needed funds. As I have said earlier, we will not involve ourselves in major projects, just the rehabilitation of existing ones. The next President after me can do it, if he chooses. The rural communities must come first: that’s my blueprint.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC:But how will you ensure continuity of existing projects?

DUTERTE: You have to see to it that money is available for existing ones. Take for example mass transport. It has to be subsidized. Let’s not fool ourselves. If you’re going to let the people shoulder the cost of rehabilitation of the mass transport system, they will not afford it. One reason: the prices of oil. Something has to give here. If I will ever get into new projects, it’s going to be mass transport.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC:What about social justice: Courts, judges…

DUTERTE: You know, Marcos, for the first seven years of his time was really very good. I will just copy the template of Marcos. I will follow what is right.

only good because of mass borrowing since the congress was abolished, no one can stop his borrowing. Moron Alert!

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: A lot of people in Manila, and in other places, had been subjected to the abuses and cruelty of the Marcos regime. Won’t that scare people?

DUTERTE: That will not happen if I’m the president.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: How can you assure that?

DUTERTE: I’ll shoot you, if you’re a criminal. This is how it works. The backbone of any society is peace. A leader can only accomplish things if on one level, he thinks and acts like a dictator. If you don’t trust me, then don’t vote for me. I have no ambitions.

DAFUQ, refer to above reason on extra-judicial killings

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: And what of the military and the police?

DUTERTE: I will limit the number of years of service of generals. I want the leadership of the military and police to belong to the best and the brightest Filipinos. As it is, being a general is like a merchandize. They ask for the position, they get a desk. It’s crazy. And not all who graduate become generals. Give the position to the best and the brightest. It is only then that it will have integrity.

Most of our military officers get a salary that is not in keeping with dignity. Your term as general is six years, then go for three. I will pay you. You’re a general? Then you’ll get paid P500,000. Remember, if I become President, I will close Congress. As such I have the money. I will even give you extra, just to make you happy. But make no mistake. If you make a fool out of me, I will summon you and I will hurl you into the Pasig River. Now why will I do something like this? Look at our policemen. Their salary is about P18,000. Enrollment of children comes and they immediately borrow money. At the end of the day, his take home pay amounts to a thousand, two thousand pesos. Not enough.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: I’m sure you also mean to help teachers.

DUTERTE: In one of the elementary schools here, there are teachers, two or three, who owe money—five-six. This is the group I am telling you about, the group who needs support: Teachers, police, soldiers, officials.

Look at what happened to the Special Action Force (SAF). How can a SAF officer have the talent for fighting when, while advancing into the enemy’s lair, they are thinking of death at the back of their minds, and what they will leave for their families if they do die? What would come of my wife and children? How can one even concentrate?

This is the group I am referring to. Patrolman, I will give you P100,000 plus P20,000 extra for your extra-curricular activities. Spend the money for your mistress for all I care. Your children’s education will be free from kindergarten to high school. I’ll give you an example. If fighting breaks out anywhere—Samar, Mindoro, Cotabato, Davao del Norte—who do we send to stop the chaos? The police and military. They get the same pension and salary for about seven years even after they die. If that will be the case, then I’m not surprised if some will just commit suicide. They don’t only have to be protected—military gear, etc.—you also have to put some sense in their work, in the job of protecting the country.

If I become President, I will prioritize also the military and police. But if a general starts f*cking with me, I will shoot him right in his office.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: PDAF and DAP. Savings, money. How can you assure the public that not a single centavo will go into your wallet?

DUTERTE: I will create a high commission. All officials of government, including the President, will not hold money, but with the discretion of when to spend it, where and to whom it should be given. We have to do it in a budget. The high commission, if you want big businessmen to be part of it, or even priests, it’s all up to you. Let’s put 15 people there. The Office of the President will just have money to run the office. Say for example, lunch. The President can order but he doesn’t hold the money. But everything has to be straightforward. If you want a tractor, tell me why you want it. “The terrain is rocky.” That’s what you want? Then you can have it. Every month, a signed report should be submitted: list of completed projects, expenses, etc.

Does this Pabebe realize he is basically describing DAP in essence as well as PDAF? The only reason that PDAF went to the hands of the Senator was because the NGOs were run by an accomplice. The senators have never touched the money until it went through Napoles first and Napoles delivered the senator’s share.

Furthermore, do you also realize he is basically describing Patronage Politics in his example, “If you want a tractor, tell me why you want it”

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: Mayor, what about China? Spratlys?Territorial disputes?

DUTERTE: My grandfather was Chinese. Once I went to China alone. I asked them to stop their expansion and then there will be no problems. But if you keep advancing, people will be fearful. What do you want? Shared exploration? That’s okay with me. But if you keep on threatening the country, this will be my deal with China: You are nearing our shores. That being the case I will slice Palawan in half—lengthwise. I will tell the Americans they can come here, build another Subic or Clark airbase. Pay only the Filipino $1,000. They can create what they want, place all their missiles here, then let’s fight. Whatever else can I do? I can also invite Australia whose been expressing some interest in Palawan. They can all have the coastal areas, they can build anything they like. What assures my country’s safety is my only interest here.

These actions are unconstitutional. But hell, with congress abolished, I guess he can pretty much do anything.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: As for the Freedom of Information Bill…

DUTERTE: It has to pass. We need that bill. And if I become President, I will just sign an Executive Order. I will sign the draft itself.

Marcos in the making

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: Aren’t you afraid of this bill?

DUTERTE: Why should we fear the bill? I’m not holding the money. I have nothing to hide. I mean, the Customs, I don’t care what you bring in, as long as you don’t bring in illegal drugs. Son of a bitch, if you do, I will set your containers on fire.

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: So, if the people want you to run for president…

DUTERTE: I do not want to. Is this the end of the interview? Okay, let me be very clear: What I am presenting to you now is to give the idea of federalism a face. Wala kasi itong mukha.Problem was, when this was first broached back then by Pimentel and Lito Osmeña, no one listened. Worse, no one listens even to me. If I did not say I will run for President and I’ll punch your faces, no one would listen. Now I have your ears, don’t I?

PHILIPPINES GRAPHIC: You were just getting the people’s attention?

DUTERTE: Yes, I have to give the idea a face. To be clear: Just because I am presenting the alternative does not mean I am interested to run. One is that I do not have any money. That’s why I said in Facebook, as early as two years ago, I am not interested because I do not have money. And because I do not have any money, I am not interested. I have no ambition to become President. If by some unfortunate chance I become President, then what I narrated to you, all of it, will happen. I don’t want to sit as President only to tell you in the end, “My beloved countrymen, I will now turn over the reins of power to my successor. I have achieved very little in the fight against corruption, I have not done enough because of the courts, also Congress.” No. That will not happen. If you elect me as President, then you have to follow me. Simple as that. If you don’t, we will have a fight.

So basically, Mayor Duterte’s entire battle plan is to be a Marcos and everyone should be happy about it. How about No!

Some of his ideas are good but he never went to the details in how the hell he goes about getting the necessary budget for it. especially if he implements his other plans.

You call yourselves intellectuals? Act like it. Don’t vote for this moron for any position.

Why Binay will win the 2016 election (and why it’s your fault)

During the 2010 presidential election, previously oblivious citizens were exposed for the first time to the Philippines Political scene, as with a teenager experiencing adult-life for the first time, they thought that they fully understand the problem of politics and can change it. They were wrong.

Which is why I am taking the time to write this because I understand how you feel, I still remember feeling the same way you did when I was 10 years old.

First off, let’s learn history, the first presidential election that I’ve ever followed was the 1992 election. Back then I wanted Miriam Santiago to win, just like you kids today. But I was 10, and was very impressionable. Big words and fiery speech inspired the 10 year old brain that I had. The winner was the administration backed candidate, Fidel V Ramos, 2nd place was Miriam Santiago who was essentially the opposition candidate. Ramon Mitra who was the incumbent Speaker of the House was in 4th place.

The next election was the 1998 election, the administration endorsed candidate was Jose de Venecia. And the opposition candidate was Joseph Estrada. When the campaign period started, De Venecia was in 5th/6th place(survey result). but gradually improved and got the 2nd place during the actual election. When Fidel Ramos endorsed De Venecia, I was pretty pissed. Joseph Estrada was overly popular and someone who I don’t want to see sitting in Malacañang. Ramos could have endorsed De Villa, who was a relatively more popular candidate compare to De Venecia. But regardless of the lack of popularity of De Venecia, he still made 2nd place because of the Administration machinery.

To add, Roco placed 3rd in the election for presidency.

Then we have the 2004 election where GMA basically endorsed herself, I was really pissed at her since I was hoping that he endorse Roco, who was then placing 2nd on surveys but against a juggernaut like FPJ, who was the opposition’s bet, that 2nd place would remain 2nd place unless he gets endorsed by GMA, Alas, that fucker GMA endorsed herself. 3 months before the election Roco was still holding the 2nd place position according to surveys. So eventually GMA has beaten FPJ, Roco however placed 5th, due in part of his sickness, but also in part, of the lack of funds in the latter part of the campaign.

So after 3 elections, I learned that the battle for presidency is purely between the administration versus the opposition. There has never been a candidate who won without the support from one of them. Anyone who believes it’s possible knows shit.

However, the 2010 election taught me a new thing, while the administration candidate is usually a strong opponent for the opposition candidate. This doesn’t hold true if the administration’s endorser is horribly unpopular. Which is why Gilbert Teodoro placed 5th. And this is what Binay is trying to achieve. and you are falling for it.

Binay knows that Pnoy will not endorse him. So it is in Binay’s interest to make Pnoy as unpopular as possible, so basically, the #stayangry idiocy over the SAF44, was your contribution to Binay’s campaign.

If Pnoy remains popular until the end of his term, then whoever he endorse have a good chance of beating Binay.

So let me summarize it for the morons of facebook, Mar Roxas will not win, Dutete will not win, Grace Poe will not win, unless they’re endorsed by the administration or the united opposition and the one that endorsed them remains popular. That’s how it is here in the Philippines. You can accept this fact and act accordingly, or deny the facts brought about by the all the election post-martial law.

I asked my dad about this, and he said that even before Martial Law, no one won the presidency without the endorsement of either the opposition or the administration. (Well technically, Carlos Garcia got the presidency without Magsaysay’s endorsement, cause Magsaysay was too busy being dead).

In addition, the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different result. So in the 2010 election, you tried cyber-bullying tactics in the hopes that Pnoy will lose. He won. In the 2013 election, you tried the cyber-bullying tactics in the hopes that Nancy Binay will lose, She won. Are you guys going to try the same thing again this 2016 election?