Marvel Civil War is done

2 weeks ago, I’ve read the ending of the Marvel Civil War which lasted for almost a year. Though the ending was not the most exciting battle, it was the most appropriate end for the saga. What I am more concerned about is how are they going to repair the damages made by the Civil War like the revelation of Spiderman’s identity, the separation of Sue and Reed(this one is easy to do unless they want to be creative), Atlantean + Wakandan vs American relationships, and how everyone would treat Iron Man after the truth about all the underhanded sh!t he did comes out. I will be most impressed if they can repair the damages done to Spiderman if they don’t use bullsh!ts like using Telepath’s and Scarlet Witch/Sentry-like powers to erase every people’s memory about the revelation. All in all, I’ll give an 8 out of 10 on the series because of all the big impact made during the series. Repairing them though could be a challenge.


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