Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

I have read the first 2 chapters of the players handbook of the Fourth Edition of the popular role playing game Dungeons and Dragons which was released 8 years after the third edition. And honestly I’m a bit disappointed. I am not against any changes in the rulings or how it is being played but removing the alignment chart which featured 9 possible alignments and replacing it with just good, lawful good, evil, chaotic evil, and unaligned seems kind of lame. The exclusion of a few races such as gnomes, which almost no one plays anyway, and half-orc, which a lot of STR hungry players like was kind of sad but is okay. They were replaced by Dragonborns and Tiefling which was a surprise to me as I consider them harder to roleplay properly compared to the old basic races. Sorcerer and Barbarians are no more, replaced by Warlord and Warlock, which in my opinion, a change for the sake of change. I like how they now compute ability scores and other stuffs like attack rolls and initiative which make it easier now to compute without memorizing charts but I am not yet sure as to how this will impact combats. There are a lot of new terms such as health surge but I don’t have the desire yet to finish reading as I am lamenting the lost of the old 9 alignment system.
I will be posting more about the 4th Edition if I have more time


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