Maria Ozawa will go uncensored

I just found out about this yesterday, Maria Ozawa, our beloved half-canadian, half-japanese, JAV actress who we waited for a long time to do an uncensored DVD, will release her first uncensored video soon. I’ve already downloaded clips of the DVD and well…….meh. As with Sally Yoshino’s much anticipated uncensored DVD, this one is something that I am not so excited about after seeing the clips. As expected, the formerly censored area is not that beautiful. What I am waiting for is Reon Kadena to become a JAV actress.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

2 Responses to Maria Ozawa will go uncensored

  1. harunafan says:

    Reon is sexy but there’s one who is even more pretty than Reon, its Haruna Yabuki.

  2. maria says:

    download Maria Ozawa unsensored at password 2514

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