Religious Retreat

This Friday will mark the first Friday that I have not visited Aurora for almost 3 months. My destination? A religious retreat. It seems that the Lord has been working on me to attend this retreat which my parents has been pushing me to attend for 5 years now but I always had a valid reason in the past. Right now, I am on a 2 weeks leave so work will no longer be an excuse. I have zero on my wallet so I couldn’t possibly escape. It’s like everything was set so I would not be able to come up with any excuse.
For almost 4 days, this Thursday evening until Sunday, I would be without a cellphone, without computer, without women. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss them but I would like to see what will happen to me if they are taken away from me for a few days.
In the past few years I have not been able to act as a catholic should act. I have missed Sunday mass and not feel bad about it. I have been inside Aurora more than I’ve been inside the church. I have been guilty of the sixth commandment for quite some time. May be it’s time that I should clean up my act.
If I remember correctly, I have never had this problem with money and with emotions in the past when I was still stuck with MMOs and Collectible Card Games. And I was also happy back then. Maybe this kind of hobby is not for me. I do not know the answer for that right now. Hopefully after this retreat, I would know.


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