Review: Invasion Cycle

I have just finished reading the 3 books of the Invasion cycle. It features the ending of the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria. I’ve read the entire Mercadian Masque and Artifact cycle. For those who know Magic the Gathering, they should be familiar with most of the characters involved in those 4 sets of books.
I have had opinions on each character and most of the time it has not changed. But after reading the Invasion cycle, I’ve changed my opinion for several characters. Here is the list.
-Teferi – I read about Teferi during the Artifact Cycle, particularly the book of Time Streams. He was the talented student of Tolaria and was also a troublemaker. Urza was patient with his mischief as he has high regards of his talent. I placed Teferi as someone who would be a great help during the Phyrexian invasion even though he resents Urza. During the Invasion, Teferi phased out the entire Zhalfir and Shiv to escape the battle leaving Urza and all the other planeswalker to their own fate. Teferi was also a planeswalker and he could have just phased out those cities while staying on Dominaria to help with the war but the bastard turned tail and ran.
-Squee – I thought of Squee as a comic relief. Squee is to Gerrard as Abu is to Alladin. Squee turned out to be much, much more. He was the best gunner for the Weatherlight. He has saved the crew with a lot of sheer luck. And at the end, he became an immortal.
-Yawgmoth – The Lord of Phyrexia. I initially though of him as powerful enough to be a planeswalker and the only reason that he is giving Urza a hard time was the 5000 years head start in building an army. I was wrong. While Yawgmoth cannot planeswalk, he is more powerful than 5 planeswalker combined. A lot of planeswalker sacrificed their lives to kill Yawgmoth and failed. He can contaminate the entire world of Dominaria and animate all the corpse in the entire world. It took the collective powerful artifacts of the Weatherlight (includes all powerful artifact from different planes) and the collective soul of heroes inside Gerrard to kill Yawgmoth, also claiming the Weatherlight and Gerrard in the process.
As for other characters, they’ve acted the way I thought of them.


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