Google Chrome

Chrome, Google’s new project and the latest in the browser wars, was released today. I learned about the release yesterday and was excited of the news. As soon as I can, I downloaded a copy and installed it. I tried to use it and I have this to say. I’m still a FireFox fan.
Chrome is like a bare bone browser. Nothing extraordinary. The customization for the application is almost non-existent. There are no bookmark manipulation or customization.
The new thing that they introduce is their homepage. It has thumbnails of recently visited sites which is something good. The idea for separate processes for tabs is great though if you’re going to open a lot of tabs, it could easily reach 1GB of memory usage.
A former Anino friend also tested the product and I think was satisfied with it. One theory he has is the browser might be optimized more on dual processor. As I am still using a single core processor, that might be the case, but I don’t think that is a good reason.
Chrome is a good browser. A lot of sites who benchmarks it says that its the fastest browser when it comes to loading javascipted websites. The nearest is FireFox 3.1 but Chrome beats it by almost 200%.
Still, I am going to keep my FireFox 3 and wait for further patches by Google to improve the product. Chrome is an open source browser. It shouldn’t take long before someone fixes all the things that I am griping about.


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