Review: Norton Internet Security Suite 2009

Intrigued by reviews that Symantec has finally made an Internet Security Suite that is non-system memory hog and non-obtrusive to your daily computer process, I installed the 15-day trial version.
I was amazed at the installation time, 2 minutes! On an Athlon XP 2500+ with 1GB of RAM and running Windows XP. No restart was required. When I visited the task manager though, there are a lot of processes running that I could not identify. I presume they’re with Norton as I’ve got this process after installing it and I was not yet connected to the internet. So I don’t know how much memory it takes to run. But I’ve been playing Defender of the Ancients for 4 hours straight and I didn’t notice any slowing down. As of the moment, the only thing I didn’t like is I could not connect to Yahoo Messenger for some reason. I checked the Instant Messenger Protection setting of Norton and it’s only compatible with Yahoo Messenger 5.0 to 6.1 and the 9.0 Beta Version. I turned off the Instant Messenger Protection and tried connecting again but my YM still cant connect. It might not be because of Norton in any case. I just need a little more time to test Norton. My parents uses my computer and part of the reason why I used the very obtrusive Zonealarm is because I am afraid that they might click some ads while browsing. A 15 day test should be enough for me to see whether it has protected the computer from mistakes my mom and dad might make.

Hva been using Norton 2009 for 5 days now. So far no virus or spyware yet as far as I know has infected my computer. It’s pretty lightweight and barely noticeable. I’m impressed so far


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