Gameloft: Mixed Feelings

I accepted Gameloft’s offer and filed my resignation to Teleperformance. I can’t help but feel uneasy on my decision today. My decision to accept and to resign was made just mere hours after I receive the news and I cannot help but feel uneasy. The first reason is that when I received the news, normally I would have been ecstatic, I was not. I had mixed feelings. I want to work for Gameloft because of the following reasons:
1. Advancement in knowledge related to IT
2. Old friends from Anino Entertainment would probably populate Gameloft
3. PhP 20,000 basic salary
The reasons why I do not want to leave Teleperformance are:
1. New friends that I have made
2. Yes, 18k basic salary is lower but I can get a perfect attendance bonus of 3k and a performance bonus of 4k.
3. Very close in becoming a Level 2 agent which would mean an additional 3k to my salary
4. The job is relatively easy that you can forget about your work when you leave the office.
5. I am already a regular employee with Health Insurance Benefits
6. Fear that what happened before when I left West Contact Services to pursue a career in Game Designing with Anino Entertainment and then got fired 15 days later, may happen again
The last reason is what really makes me uneasy as I cannot afford to be unemployed for a few months if that should happen again.
I do hope that I am making the right decision here.

I just want to extend my thanks to Sui and Bloodporne for the effort that they made to get me a chance to work for Gameloft


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