Stat Wars: GL Strikes Back

In the past four days, you may have noticed my Status on Yahoo Messenger that goes with a template like this:
“(insert random insult here)? Apply na sa GL!”
Some people might think that this is an unprovoked attack to a certain company. While I would admit that this is indeed an attack, it is not an unprovoked one.
Several days ago, a certain person from a certain company applied at GL.
He failed, of course(duh!).
But that is not the point here. When I was informed by former officemates about this incident, it got me thinking. Why would he apply to GL as a lowly artist when he is of a very high position in his current work? He is overappreciated and overrated by the management so much that I could not think of any reason why he would want to leave.
A few hours later, I saw some status message on YM that said something like “The greatest spy failed”. Now I know that we only use the title “The Greatest” to one person so I asked what the message means. He said that there were rumors that The Greatest, under the orders of the higher ups, applied to gain some information about GL. I actually laughed at the idea. I could not think of any information that he could get should he had passed without accepting the offer, except of course for the offered salary. Well, I guess they needed to know that information badly.
In any case, what they did was unethical. They even did it against a fellow GDAP member. I thought their motto goes something like setting aside their differences and to work together. I guess not.
So no, this is not an unprovoked attack.
Anyway, just for laughs, here are the status messages that I remembered:

  • Di na ba tumataas ang sweldo mo? Apply na sa GL!
  • Feeling mo ba e ginagago ka na sa trabaho? Apply na sa GL!
  • Ayaw mo bang matanggap ang 13th month pay mo sa Christmas party? Apply na sa GL!
  • Kabado ka ba sa elevator nyo? Apply na sa GL!

And of course:


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

5 Responses to Stat Wars: GL Strikes Back

  1. Mirana says:

    Pirated be 3d studio mo? Apply na sa GL!

  2. faceless void says:

    pinapahamak ka ba sa dota? apply na sa GL!

  3. Zeus says:

    Wala bang tiwala ang mga tao sayo? apply na sa GL!

  4. Abaddon says:

    Plastic ba ang boss mo at ang best friend niya? apply na sa GL!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree on everything that was written regarding “the greatest”. Kung hindi lang ako natabi sakanya ng ilang araw baka hindi ako nag resign ng maaga. – Pax ^_^

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