AE: The Memories

A few days ago, Jar asked me to make an AE good memories post as my last few post are hatreds against AGI which might lead people to think that we do not have any memorable moments with the company. So I sent a PM to all AE people on my YM List and asked them for materials for the post. Unfortunately, only 2 people has sent their piece. Even more unfortunate is that Jar failed to give me his piece (because of technicalities, ^_^). So I want to extend my thanks to the people who went out of their way for this.
On my part, I have had a lot of wonderful memories of AE. Marlo, as well as BBB, would most probably suggest the Amazing race season 1 to be my most memorable. Though life changing and the event has took most of my time in AE, I’m sorry to disappoint but that’s not it. Here is my list:

1. I got hired as Game tester! – probably the most amazing thing that happened to me in my entire professional career. I came in an hour late for my interview. I said that the first game that the company has ever produced suck. And I was told that they would email me should I get hired (which would mean, in the call center industry, as better luck next time). I was so sure that I would not be hired. 2 days later I received an email from AE telling me that I actually got hired. I had to read the email several times as to make sure I got it correctly.
2. We won the AE vs AMI DotA tournament! – I got in as a replacement for Symoun as he would not be able to make it to the tournament. I played Rylai the Crystal Maiden and was a noob compared to my teammates. Marlo was playing Faceless Void, Jar was playing Enigma, Rain was playing Traxex, and Allain plays Kardel. Although we won by Marlo’s backdoor strategy, there was nothing written against it. And I even got a double kill with my Freezing Field (which was nicely set up by a Chronosphere and a Black Hole). I was so noob back then.
3. I filed a complaint against the company – though not a happy moment, it is still a memorable one as I have changed a lot of things in the company after I did this. Management has became cautious with legalities. Workers has become conscious with their rights. Everyone was now careful on what they sign.
-House of Squared

Di ko makakalimutan yung isang lunch dota session sa alabang.
Ayan edi laro laro, tas after mga 30 minutes or so, habang seryoso ang lahat
di maiiwasan siyempre magkaron ng clash. Nang bigla nalamang may sumigaw. . .
“JUUUUUG! JUUUG! JUGG! JUGJUG!~” Para siyang sinapian ng kaluluwa ni
Jahrakal (gamit nyang hero sa game) Sobrang saya siguro ng taong to kasi maganda na
items nya. Waahahahaha!!! Tawanan lahat eh tas katabi ko pa siya nun kaya medyo
na receive ko yung full impact! hahaha! Peace master Gener!

Isang araw nung kapanahunan ng JNJ, may kailangan ako ipaedit dun sa 3D map ng Philippines.
Edi lapit ako sa isang 3D artist tas sabi ko “puede ba paki merge lahat to?”.
“Ahhh sige sige wait lang” (Click.. Click.. Click.. Click..)
“WTF#@!?#@!? BAKET MO MINERGE#@!?$@!” (sobrang galet na voice)
“Hahh? Hah?? ehh? di ba? sabi mo? ehh?” (nagaalalang voice)
“De joke lang”
ANAK NG!!@!#?%#! @!@!$@!$@(!)$@!?”
Peace jak! hahahaha!

We were doing an ultra overtime overnight to finish JNJ before the dead line.
When it was around 3am-4am in the morning (I think) I sat down the blue sofa
to rest my aching body. Then I slowly laid down my back on the blue sofa,
confidently saying “Gener… kung may kelangan ka sabihin mo lang ah higa lang akew. . .”
Right after I uttered those words, I immediately fell asleep. WAAAHAHAHAHA!

-Aaron Pacaon

There’s the endless nights of overtimes. I’ll give special mention to my last days in anino. Though it gave a toll at my health because I hadn’t had any good sleep for a week or two, I was challenged to put myself to give my 110%. Never was I challenged that much before and I wouldn’t mind if I was challenged to do the same thing again.

Then there’s Superdry, Marlo taught me superdry and never did I enjoy other beers after that.

Then there’s the mistake. Memorable but definitely not a good memory

Then there’s the Dota/COD4 nights wherein everyone gets hyped with that kill bill music or jack sparrow’s soundtrack. Battlestations ready, IIIIIIIHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

But beyond the beers and DotA/COD4 lies the true brotherhood of Anino Entertainers. Never have I witness such bond within a group of people. The common goal of everyone bonds us together which is the sheer passion of delivering what exceeds other’s expectation and work relentlessly to achieve it. Sadly, something or I mean someone hindered us.

Not to diss off Ladyluck and Gameloft but for me, Anino Entertianment is still where I found the best officemates I had and I sure wouldn’t mind if we ever cross paths again in another company. Where the hell can you find a company wherein the people will not mind you if you tell everyone to cut their dick and fuck their asses from behind sideways or someone will gladly cuss you back with a suck your own balls and dick with your nose from above. But you know in your mind, they don’t mean it and they just want to make you smile and work your ass more on your work. That’s what keeps everyone going and alive. And it’s God damn priceless.

-Renz Edward Sui

Hehehe! memorable experiences madami

1. Those nights na talagang severe ang pain (Overnight ng TNT na record
breaker, ang paglalakabay sa corinth stage, Ovenight sa Linked Letters
and of course, ang lipatan)

2. The Breakfast (na in the long run, unti-unti nawala)

3. Friday Pizza (bonding moment ng office, siguro kaya naging mas
close ang tao dahil sa ganitong mentality. paging CCO, here’s an idea
to get together your people again. err wait, di na pala kailangan,
united na pala ang mga “ilang” naiwan dyan)

4. True friendship (yes i know, kahit minsan naggagaguhan kami or
parang puro dota na lang ang usapan, sa ganun paraan naman kami naging
united at nagkakaisa. ika nga nila, pag may atraso ka sa isa, isang
dosena na ang kaharap mo)

5. Yung games (na ironically, gaming company pa rin naman sila pero
bawal ang games. sheesh. not that puro games lang ang inaatupag but
the nature of work itself. Kaya nga game company eh.)

6. Yung noisy office (most of you won’t agree on this kasi may mga
“naiingayan” but hey, we tend to get the job done. boring ang sobrang
tahimik na office believe me…)

7. Mamimiss ko yung mga assholes (heheh! i need to mention this. kasi
kung hinde ko kayo na-encounter, i won’t learn about my true value)

8. Team embudo (ahaha! wala na ngayon yung mga taong yun.)

9. Love your job, Live your dream (namimiss ko itong motto na ito.
Parang nawala na kasi ito in the past months eh. hehehe!)

10. The greatest song in the world, Kimochi, go suck yohr… Suggest,
suggest, suggest, tony-pony, The amazing race, It’s own! at kung anu-ano
pa. Sorry na lang sa mga hinde makarelate sa mga to, but i have to agree
this has to be the coolest time ng office. kung inabot nyo, lucky you.
Kung yung rehimeng rabbit and greatest naman, ok lang din (hindi nga
lang sa inyo kung hindi sa kanila) hehe

-Michael Angelo Gonzales

Fun Memories: In no particular order

*Trip To Puerto Gallera (White beach part)
Dun ako nakatikim ng Blue Ice(?). Lasang cough syrup pero may tama. Mamaya-maya nasabi ko na lang “Guys, kung napa ayaw ba ako dito
susuportahan nyo ko?” Hehe. Medyo tumaas na ang resistance ko sa alak at beer kaya nde na ako makakapagisip ng ganun after that.

*Battlefield: Modern Combat
Lahat ata ng naglalalaro sa opis nilaro yon. Dun lang ata lahat e naging magkakampi. Nakakatuwang marinig sila choogs at marlo na
nagpapalipad ng eroplano. Hehe. Or habang lahat nakasakay sa helicopter at ang piloto ay si marlo tapos mamamatay lang tayong lahat
dahil may jet fighter yung kalaban. hahahahaha. “Pag sinabi kong talon, TALON!” – Marlo “ANO?!” – Passengers

*Call Of Duty 2 at 4
Wala lang. Its always fun to kill your opismates. 😀 “Not today, Tony. Not today.”

*My first paycheck
Nasa akin pa rin ata yung check na yun. Or nadeposito ko na? Ahwell

*Best opismates
Parang wala ka sa opisina. Parang college computer lab pa rin. I think its not the work that keeps me going back there. There are
time na ayoko ng pumasok pero iniisip ko pa rin na may mga taong umaasa sa akin. Mas lalo na nung HP days. Its good to be needed.
Its bad to be underappreciated. ^^; One thing is for sure, if werent for those people I worked with, I couldnt care less on what
happens to the HP account. 😛

*May interview akong cute chick
Ako yung pinagpawisan sa interview at nanginginig pa boses ko. Forgot her real name though… pero nasa ym ko pa rin sya. Nde nga
lang nagoonline. Ahwell.^^; Naka invis siguro.

*Team Supreme
This goes out to JV Tensuan, John Brian “El Gwapo” Casacop, Parkin Yu, Hypermike Velasco and to everyone else that believed we can finish a
gaddam good game with our own capabilities. we finished something we can almost call our own. Salamat!!

*Team Embudo!!! FTW!!! Never say die, Popo, Never say die!!

*Natutunan kong gamitin si Razor
Nag-OWN ako nung unang nagamit si razor. After nun natuto na ang darkside at ako na ang ineedong mode. hahaha. After a few games
with razor they named a new “strategy” after me ^^; (Edong mode)

*The people I worked with HP
Guys, sana nasa mabuti na kayong trabaho at masaya na kayo kung nasan man kayo. Wag nyong kakalimutan mga tinuro ko. Hehe.

I guess thats it. The only thing I can say is that the reason Ive lasted all those years is because of the people around me and not
the notion of “working” in a “game development” company.

Salamat sa mga tinuro nyo at sa mga oras na pagsasama natin dun. Choogs, kung nasa opis pa tayo, magrerequest sana akong patugtugin
ang Minsan by the Eraserheads. Hehehe.


-Eduardo Magtalas

Here are some of the memorable moments I had in AE:

1.) My first interview, exam, and the day I got hired. Right after graduation, I told myself that I’ll get into Anino no matter what. At the day of my interview, Choogs welcomed me into the office. I was very nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time while I sat in front of Luna’s table for my interview. I was able to answer all of the questions and the interview went well. For the exam part, it was set to be a 3-hour exam, and I was blank for the first hour. I made the most out of my last 2 hours and finished half of the exam. The rest was history.

2.) My first DoTA game. I got schooled, hard. Worse, Squared keeps shouting at me. “Channeling ang Freezing Field!”.

3.) My foray with Rigwarl as my hero in DoTA. Out of a random pick, I got Rigwarl. The first time I got this character, I was like “Awww man! How do I use this shitty character?”. After that first time with the quill-spraying warthog, I loved it! He instantly became my favorite character in DoTA. A tank more than anything else, this pig can endure pain more than the Queen of Pain can dish out. He can even tank Sandking’s Epicenter! There was this one time, in band camp… I mean Scourge camp, 4 heroes simultaneously threw their ultimates at me, and I was still walking! With a third of my health still there! Those were the days… until they nerfed him!

4.) I used Terrorblade. Kakampi ko si Marlo, full life ako, near death sina BBB at Squared. Inikutan ko sina BBB habang naiwan si Marlo sa gitna. Sa sobrang excited ko dahil makaka double kill ako, nag cast ako ng Sunder, kay BBB. Nagulantang ako sa nagawa ko, habang tawa ng tawa sina BBB at Squared at wala nang masabi si Marlo kundi “Bloodporne!”.

5.) The first time I shouted “It’s own!”. This is funny. The first time I shouted “It’s own!”, I was looking straight at Choogs, with what I thought was a menacing facial expression. Turned out I looked sillier than a bitch-slapped Marlo Flor. My face cracked Choogs up. He rolled on the floor, laughing, literally, with the hardest laugh I ever heard from him. I even thought he was going to piss on his pants. He went on laughing for the next 5 minutes.

6.) The VERY close COD4 match. Break time, the two teams composed of the dark side and the light side, was in for the most nerve-wracking COD4 match ever played in the office. The map was Vacant, game mode was Domination, and the game time was set to 20 minutes. We began the game with 4 (Dark side) against 5 (Light side) because Marlo was having problems with his sound driver. We were close to the 10-minute mark when Marlo finally arrived. We had a lot to cover since the light side gained a significant advantage. They held 2 out of 3 flags on the map and their score was ticking faster than ours. We had to push really hard to capture and defend at least another one of their captured flags. As soon as we were able to do so, our strategy became simple – defend 2 flags and forget the last one. But that was easier said than done. Of course, people couldn’t contain themselves and still try to get that last flag to dominate the map. A typical scenario is that people will flock towards the last flag, a few will remain with the flag in the middle, and the nobody will be left guarding the 3rd. So I changed strategy when that point became clear to me – rotation. Hold 2 out of 3 flags and be ready to capture the last one. As soon as one of the two flags gets captured by the enemy, capture the last one. Rinse and repeat. We were able to do that for a considerable amount of time and soon enough, we were catching up with the light side’s score. The last 40 seconds or so of the game were the most tense. The middle flag was occupied and we HAD to capture at least one flag to raise more points before the time runs out. I managed to kill the person guarding the middle flag (I think it was Popo ^_^) and captured the flag and killed another person trying to kill me. It was the last 15 tense seconds. I was already panicking. I proned, hiding behind the large slab of concrete and under the grass. I had no idea if the enemy could see me or not. Two people tried to capture the flag and crouched directly in front of me, not knowing I was there, easy kills. Time was running down, our score was catching up to theirs, still in the lead. Then, as the timer reached 0, victory! We beat them by 1 frigging point. 1! This by far is still the most memorable CoD4, no, FPS match I’ve EVER had. No tournament I’ve been in will compare to the tense moments I’ve experienced playing this one match. Kudos to everyone who really gave their all! The Dark Side RULES! WAHAHAHAHA.

-Anthony Alan Garcia

Ang dami kong memories sa Anino Entertainment. Matagal din ang five years a. Di ko na lalagyan ng version yung ibang memories na common eto na lang:
Da Lunch
Pinaka memorable siyempre sakin yung launch ng Anito: Defend A Land Enraged November 2003 kasi nagpapirma sakin mga tao sa box ng Anito (kaso kami-kami din mga developers yun, e hahaha). I love that game even though some say it sucked. Di ko yun sinimulan pero tinapos ko yun. Strength and Honor >: )
Mr. Da Group Pageant December 2005. Si Marlo ay lumahok sa paligsahan na ito. Tawa ako ng tawa kasi puro nag cross-dress at nagsayawan ang kanyang mga kasama sa contest sa talent portion. Tapos dinrowing niya on-the-spot yung host bilang talent niya. Hahaha! Magaleng. Magaleng. Magaleng. Hindi siya nanalo pero maraming baklang nagnasa sa kanya sa gabing yon.
“Di…Di naman talaga…”
Dagroup Christmas Party. December 2007. Loveteam of the Year: Tony and Pony (a.k.a. Ptony). What more can I say?
Tony’s Missing Balls (ball lang pala–eww)
We were playing with Tony’s orange stress ball of foam thingy. Binato niya sakin yung ball niya ng kalakas lakas (sobrang stress huh). Umilag ako. Eh tumalbog sa kawalan. Di na namin mahanap pagkatapos. Lahat na ng sulok sinilip namin pero wala talaga…eh di naman ganun kalaki yung office…wala namang nangtrip o ano (kung sino man yun at binabasa mo ito umamin na please o magmumukha akong tanga forever). Tagal talaga namin hinanap yun.
After several months the ball mysteriously reappeared on the fragging floor and nobody could explain why—para siyang nagtime travel. Or…sinapian ni Marlo—bwahahahahaha!
Yung Patuka Na Ang Lumalapit
Diego. Red thongs. In the countryside. !@#$^&*
Elevator Action
“Uy sixth floor na.”
*sound of elevator doors opening in the hallway*
A chorus of voices erupts: “Leo. Underscore R. Underscore E. At yahoo dot coooom.”
[Si Derek, talagang bubuksan pa niya yung pintuan ng elevator ulit]
[About face lahat habang may dumadaan na creeps]
Elevator: “Sorry to keep you waiting.”
* sound of elevator doors closing in the hallway*
*laughter in the elevator shaft*
The Hero
Tuwing umaakyat sa 10th floor using the elevator, bababa sa 9th floor para masilip si Pivot Point at magsstairs pagkatapos. Si Marlo and Kim ang notorious dito. Panis talaga kayo kay BBB.
Nag-inuman sa Puerto Galera at ang background ay ang Fashionista ng baklang si Jimmy James.
Sabay nalasing si Tuki at Squared (di na yata sila bestfriends nito) at humiga sila sa white sands ng…er…White Beach. Magkatabi. Ok ok may konting agwat naman…
*Naalala ko ang mga [gabing]…Magkatabi sa ilalim ng kalawakan…*
By the way, naiwan si JV at Jabo sa kwarto nito habang nasa White Beach kami. Go figure.
Alam mo
May milestone nun ang Project Xenon, birthday ni Niel. 3 AM na kami natapos at pumunta kami sa bahay para humabol sa party. Kasama din si John David dito. Natapos na party bumalik pa kami sa office para maglaro ng Counter Strike (o ha di na DOTA yan) at nagpakasawa kami sa highest setting ng BOTS. Ang di ko makakalimutan ay yung naging strategy namin sa huli. Bibili kami lahat ng big machine guns, papasok kami sa isang room tapos hintayin naming na kuyugin kami ng mga Bots. Blaze of glory? YOU BET! So ang naging battle cry ko noon is, “Remember the Alam mo!!!” BRATATATATAT!
Gargoyle Style
Overnight yun sa TNT. 9th floor pa ito so medyo creepy ang ambience. Lumabas si Allain para mag CR. Pumwesto ako sa may TV sa tabi ng pintuan nakapatong ako sa TV na parang wide-eyed statue. Tahimik lang talaga ako. Pagpasok ni Allain tumigil siya. Nung nakita ako, bilang namutla. Nung narealize niya na ako yun, pumapalakpak at tumatalon-talon papunta sa workstation niya. I guess I made his day.
Under the Table
Sa 10th floor sa ALPAP II, may desk si Luna na malaki (uhum wag Popo). Lumabas siya minsan at nagtago ako sa ilalim nito. Nung pagbalik niya, alam niyo na.
Under the Table 2
Nagtago ako sa ilalim ng mesa ni Marlo nung nag CR siya. Pagbalik niya, ginulat ko. Nanlaki ang mata niya, inangat niya yung isa niyang paa, at binuksan niya ang dalawa niyang palad na parang sasalo ng basketbol sa tiyan. Priceless.
Asia Game Developer’s Conference, December 2006.
Naiwan kami ni Tuki ng flight namin kasi sinasara pala yung yung boarding gates 30 minutes before departure. In other words nalate kami. Dumating si Tony Gascon nakataxi 5 mins before departure. Akala namin makakasakay na kami dahil sa kanyang style. Kinausap niya yung airport authorities. Wala. Siya ang nakasama namin buong araw at magdamag at tinuruan niya kami kung pano magseduce ng babae gamit ng subliminal conditioning sa pamamagitan ng mga salita.
Todo kontak kami sa mga officemates namin na nakauwi na. Si Tuki lang ang may pera kasi di ako makawithdraw dahil wala ko credit card nun.

Naghanap kami ng lugar na mapagsstayan
so kinontak namin si BBB para makituloy muna sa bencoolen hotel. Nasira yung lock pintuan niya at sa hallway kami naghintay higit na 1 oras bago naayos.

Nagnet kami para bumili ng ticket at sinubukan namin umutang sa credit card ni BBB. Walang available na flight.
Antay kami. Nung nagkaroon, exceed the limit na daw sa card ni BBB. Oh my God. di namin alam kung ano gagawin. Nagpplano na si Tuki na magtrabaho dito sa SG (kaso ako ngayon nagttrabaho dito) ako naman sabi ko di pwede kasi dapat magkita kami ng girlfriend ko nung Christmas.

Sa gitna ng kaguluhang ito ay ang itim, evil-eyed na Mokonang stuffed toy na binili ni Tuki. Bitbit namin itong parang pet kahit saan so pinagbintangan ni tuloy ni Tony G. sa lahat ng kamalasan namin.
To make the long story short, pinautang ako ni Tony G. ng natitira niyang dollars (thank you nga pala ulit di ko talaga malilimutan yon men) at nagkacash ako so nagdecide kami na sa airport na matulog para makipagsapalaran bilang chance passenger kinabukasan. Nagbond kami ni Tuki nun, pero, in the end inagaw siya sakin ni Jak. Tsk tsk tsk.

-Michael Sean Tan

I am still waiting for other people’s piece. Just email it to me.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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  1. Luna says:

    Hey Squared, I have my reasons for begging out of the list – but it’s always nice to see you all bond together.

    Watching from the sidelines,
    Mommy Luna
    (“Wrap it up, guys!”)

  2. Starscream says:

    No problem, Luna. 🙂

  3. bonsai says:

    haha, dami kong natutunan. thanks squared. nice piece. 🙂

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