House of Squared Awards 2008

Here are is the list of things I would like to give an award to. The basis for all awards in general is my opinion of them. Year of origin is not limited to 2008.

Movie of the Year:
Dark Knight – At last, someone made a decent Joker. IMO, Christian Bale is the best Bruce Wayne.

Runner ups: Iron Man, The Bank Job

Movie-that-I-would-not-watch of the Year:
Twilight – Only reason I would watch this is if with a girl, and only grudgingly watch the movie. I’ve read the novel and it’s nothing more than Sweet Valley High with Vampires on it.

Runner ups: Disaster Movie

Movie that did not live up to expectation:
Tropic Thunder – With Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. as cast, I expected better. The early part of the movie was great but after a while, I got bored.

Runner ups: The Incredible Hulk, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Funniest Movie of the Year
Get Smart – a different look at a spy game story.

Runner ups: Accidental Husband, Semi-Pro

Not so Funny Movie of the Year
Burn After Reading – WTF! I am not sure why they categorized this as Comedy in Demonoid. The best that I got from their supposed jokes was a smirk. Once.

Runner ups: Tropic Thunder, College

The “Usual Suspect” Award
Righteous Kill – It wasn’t De Niro after all. Damn ending. So was not expecting that.
Side Note: The writer and director of The Usual Suspect reunite in Paulo Coelho’s The Valkyrie, might be an interesting movie because of the 2 teaming up again.

Runner ups: The Dark Knight, Burn After Reading

Babe of the Year
Anne Ojales Curtis Smith – Best actress for her role in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, Baler. HA! Take that Marian Rivera, Cristine Reyes! ^_^

Runner ups: Elisha Cuthbert, Jennylyn Mercado

Alcoholic Beverage of the Year
Long Island Iced Tea – Vodka + Tequila + Rum + Gin, Best way to taste bits of everything.

Runner ups: San Mig Light, Red Horse Beer

Song of the Year
3 Doors Down – Here Without You
Most memorable song for me for this year with everything that has happened. Hopefully, it won’t be the same next year

Runner ups: Ne-yo – Go On Girl, Chris Brown – With You

Love Song of the Year
Sitti – Tattooed on my Mind
The song that kept me company for quite some time, about mid-2008, with a certain someone.

Runner ups: Alamid – Your Love, Sponge Cola – Pasubali

LSS of the Year
Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend. LOL!

Runner ups: Richard Cheese – Down with the Sickness, Timbaland – Apologize

Symbolic Song of the Year
Sugarfree – Pinakamagaling na Tao sa Balat ng Lupa
Describes the Greatest Artist in every line.

Runner ups: T-Pain – I’m in Love with a Stripper, Gwen Stefani – Cool

Video Game of the Year
Left 4 Dead – Immersive, Possibly the best Co-Op game that I played

Runner ups: Peggle Nights Deluxe, Desktop Tower Defense

Article with the Most Comments
AE: The End – The Blog explaining the roots of hatred to the Unholy Trinity. This sure got a lot of comments. And also a lot of views, surprisingly, from people not within my circle of friends.

Runner ups: Pinakamagaling na Tao sa Balat ng Lupa, Stat Wars: GL Strikes Back

Article with the Most Views
Pinakamagaling na Tao sa Balat ng Lupa – This just goes to show how much we hate the guy

Runner ups: AE: Memories, AE: The End

News of the Year
AGI: Raided for Piracy – the worst thing that could happen to a game development studio. Besides the penalty that you have to pay to the BSA, you would have to purchase enough of their product so that you can go back to business, plus clients loses their trust because you’re advocating the thing that they hate the most.

Runner ups: AGI: Retrenchment, Maria Ozawa goes Uncensored

Villain of the Year
The Greatest – Had the most viewed article dedicated just for him. Member of the Unholy Trinity. Has caused tons of grief to my friends.

Runner ups: The Rabbit, The Shadow

Software of the Year
Norton Internet Security Suite 2009 – Norton had been synonymous with slow and system hog. That has changed with the 2009 version. I’ve been using it since its release and I’ve barely noticed its presence. And so far, no virus or spyware infection.

Runner ups: Google Chrome, Picasa 3

Hardware of the Year
Nvidia GeForce 9 Series – most products usually has just 2 of these three qualities: Cheap, Good, and Fast. The 9 series is a fast video card which makes it a good one, and is reasonably priced

Runner ups:

Aurora’s Love Song of the Year
Def Leppard – When Love and Hate Collides
The all-cast song of the new GROs from Sucat. Love the song and love the way they dance to it.

Runner ups: Avril Lavigne – When You’re Gone, Sarah Geronimo – I Still Believe in Loving You

Aurora’s Dance Song of the Year
Britney Spears – Break The Ice
Joy’s dance. Mesmerizing. And of course it’s a Britney song.

Runner ups: Disturbed – Down with the Sickness, Baby Bash – Cyclone

Aurora’s Best in VIP
Stephanie – the prettiest girl in Aurora, drinks one ladies drink per hour. Sadly, she left Aurora and went to Discovery 2. Now she has moved again to another KTV

Runner ups: Trixie, Leslie

Aurora’s Slowest Drinker
Sam – sure 45 minutes per ladies drink is lesser than that of Stephanie, but she was willing to stay with me for 8 men’s beer until closing time after just 2 ladies drink. Men’s Beer = PhP 50, Ladies Drink = PhP 200.

Runner ups: Stephanie, Aya

Aurora’s Fastest Drinker
Aliyah – 15 f@#$%ng ladies drink in 1 ½ hour. Damn!

Runner ups: Irish, Ashley

Aurora’s Best Dancer
Jen – She’s not my type but she dance pretty well.

Runner ups: Aya, Aliyah


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

4 Responses to House of Squared Awards 2008

  1. Rooftrellen says:

    Pinakagwapong nag-comment sa blog mo: Rooftrellen!

  2. Demnok says:

    Hardware of the Year? GeForce9? Boooooooo! Radeon 36xx para makaiwas sa Inno3D!!!!

  3. Magina says:

    Gay si Demnok. Yun lang.

  4. Demnok says:

    No no no no no no, blink = gay ok? ok.

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