NBA 2008 – 2009: Season of Disappointment

If you’ve been following the NBA this season, you’ll probably agree that this season has been full of disappointments. Although there are some happy news with a few teams, most news about the majority of the teams are bad. Here is a round down of why I think this is a season of disappointment.

Boston Celtics (29-9) – the defending champion had an exciting 27-2 run until it was ended by the Lakers on Christmas day. Then they lost again, and again, and again. After the 27-2 run, they went 2-7. During the off-season, they lost a lot of role players and was not able to restock.
New Jersey Nets (18-19) – Devin Harris was a steal. That’s it. Besides that, no exciting news about this team.
Philadelphia 76ers (16-20) – stole Elton Brand from the Clippers. Didn’t work out. Elton Brand on the injured list again after missing much of last season. Coach got fired
Toronto Raptors (16-21) – traded for Jermaine O’Neal. Trade didn’t improve the team. Coach got fired
New York Knicks (13-22) – though still in last place in their division, at least they have some form of stability under D’antoni. Now, if they can only trade Starbury.
Cleveland Cavaliers (29-6) – traded for Mo Williams. Probably the best trade made during the off-season. It would be a disappointment if the Cavaliers will not reach the NBA Finals.
Detroit Pistons (22-13) – Traded Billups for Iverson. Didn’t work out at first. Had a 7(?) game Sunday losing streak.
Milwaukee Bucks (18-21) – No significant news. No news is good news?
Chicago Bulls (16-21) – Derrick Rose is playing awesome basketball. Future is bright for this kid.
Indiana Pacers (13-23) – Last place on their division but has beaten both the Lakers and the Celtics. Almost went to overtime on their last game with L.A.
Orlando Magic (29-8) – Howard is a monster but they’re not realy performing above expectations
Atlanta Hawks (22-13) – it has been a long time since Atlanta was a winning team.
Miami Heat (19-16) – Wade is getting his form back. Beasley is not as good stat-wise as Rose but this may be because of having Wade as a teammate.
Charlotte Bobcats (14-24) – They’ve beaten the Celtics. Traded Jason Richardson for Boris Diaw and Raja Bell.
Washington Wizards (7-29) – Signed Gilbert Arenas for a six-year deal. Lost Arenas for several games because of surgery. Coach got fired.
San Antonio Spurs (24-11) – bounced back from injury-plagued start. George Hill is a promising rookie and Roger Mason was a steal. Even through a disappointing start, the Spurs still managed to get back at the top of their division.
New Orleans Hornets (22-11) – still at par with their expectations.
Houston Rockets (24-15) – traded for Ron Artest. Has a very talented line-up. Too bad they seldom play together. Injuries has plagued the Rockets in the past and this season is no exception.
Dallas Mavericks (22-14) – They’re actually playing above expectation, in my opinion. After Kidd’s slowness was exploited by Chris Paul in last season’s playoffs, I didn’t think much would happen with Dallas. But Kidd has improved his 3pt percentage and well, played above expectations
Memphis Grizzlies (11-26) – rebuilding team so expectations were low anyway. O.J. Mayo is playing great. I have no idea why the Wolves traded him for Love.
Denver Nuggets (25-13) – traded Iverson for Billups and had instant success.
Portland Trail Blazers (22-14) – Brandon Roy had a 50+ point scoring night. He just keeps improving. So as Aldridge. Too bad Oden’s not much of a big impact as was expected of him.
Utah Jazz (22-15) – Williams didn’t play for several games. AK47 didn’t play for several games. Boozer is out for surgery. And they still mustered a 22-15 record.
Minnesota Timberwolves (11-25) – the only news about them is their coach got fired and was replaced by Kevin McHale.
Oklahoma Thunder (6-32) – Kevin Durant is improving but still not enough to win.
L.A. Lakers (29-6) – the biggest disappointment of the season. I’ve been waiting all year for this team to crumble but had no luck. Kidding aside, the Lakers are playing their best basketball in the last 4 years.
Phoenix Suns (20-13) – decent record. Amare is doing a Kobe-like attitude. Shaq is doing great despite his age. Grant Hill has not been sidelined yet. I guess they really have the best medical team in the NBA. The Rockets should probably hire their medical team.
Godlen State Warriors (10-28) – Lost Baron Davis. Gained Corey Maggete. They sucked. Nuff said.
L.A. Clippers (8-28) – signed Baron Davis. Expectations were high. There was excitement in the air. Stupid Brand’s agent got him signed with the Sixers. All excitement were lost.
Sacrament Kings (8-29) – Lost Artest. That’s the only notable news for them.

So it’s either a trade didn’t worked out or their best player is injured. This is not one of the most exciting season in the NBA history. The only thing that I liked about this is it’s an odd numbered year so Spurs would probably add another championship banner.


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4 Responses to NBA 2008 – 2009: Season of Disappointment

  1. Mikepopo says:

    are you sure that the spurs would get it this time? hehehehehe!

  2. kobe bryant says:

    sorry napagawa na daw ung banner at Lakers daw nakalagay

  3. Mikepopo says:

    Lakers? what what? hehehe. balita ko houston daw eh. heheh!

  4. Kobe says:

    Magaling kasi ako. Kaya magiging champion kami ulit. I learned tagalog yesterday just to give my comment to this blog. And the Mikepopo guy is delusional.

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