Upping the Ante

BBB and I had a talk about the voting poll that I setup yesterday. He had a suggestion as to how we can make this more interesting. You can read the chat transcript below:

Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:13:19 PM): dapat ung girl na ma-vovote magiging topic every now and then… with pictures and scandals, etc
Allan (1/22/2009 6:13:30 PM): good idea
Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:13:45 PM): tpos highlight, dapat ung site owner hunting ung voted babe, and have their picture taken before the year ends
Allan (1/22/2009 6:14:11 PM): ooooohhhhh
Allan (1/22/2009 6:14:14 PM): mahirap yan
Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:14:27 PM): ok lang un, stalker ka naman eh
Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:14:39 PM): haha
Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:14:47 PM): saka fan pic lang naman… so relatively possible
Allan (1/22/2009 6:14:58 PM): di pa ako nakakapag stalk physically
Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:15:43 PM): worse comes to worst… photoshop edit
Allan (1/22/2009 6:15:57 PM): pero ok yung idea na yun
Allan Estioko (1/22/2009 6:16:09 PM): hahaha

So let me get this out of the way first, I am not going to stalk the winner. But I would be running features for the winner like a slideshow of pictures and if possible, scandal videos >:).
I would also include a couple of the winner’s pictures on my banner. Regular news and information would also be included. And if possible, have my picture taken with the winner.
One condition though, should Serena Dalrymple wins, all bets are off.
So to all those who have not voted yet, vote now.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

One Response to Upping the Ante

  1. Mikepopo says:

    Let’s vote for Serena. Come on dude, a deal is a deal. hehehe!

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