Saguijo: Repeat While Fading Launch

Last night was the launching of the book Repeat while Fading by Aldus Santos of Purple Chicken. It was held at Cafe Saguijo and several bands showed up to give their support. Bands that I know of were Pupil, Rivermaya, True Faith, and Marcus Highway. Other bands were, of course, Purple Chicken, Peryodiko and the Wuds.
A friend invited me to the event and since Pupil would be there and me being an Eraserheads fan since I was 11, I accepted. We got there at around 9pm and completely forgetting that Sui wanted to come if we can fetch him from the office. So after a few apology, we got inside. Purple Chicken was playing during that time. Thanks to my friend, I was introduced to many famous people, like the manager of Purple Chicken, the lead singer of Bandang Shirley, and the guitarist from Purple Chicken.
After a few bands, it was True Faith’s turn. Since True Faith has been around for more than a decade, some of their song made me nostalgic. Their song “Wag na lang kaya” was very memorable as it was the song that I keep singing to myself whenever a certain someone passes by.
At about 1am, Pupil finally played. I remember telling a friend that I don’t really appreciate live performances as the music is too loud and I can’t hear the lyrics. Well, with Pupil, it was different. Their music is not too loud and you can hear Ely’s voice over all the instruments.
Another thing that amazes me about Ely is the way he sings. Bands nowadays do a lot of stuff to get noticed. They go to the crowd and shakes hand with their fans. Some even go as far as to do a head stand on stage to amuse us. But Ely? He seldom smiles to the fans. He looks a bit of a snob while singing. Yet we adore him. It has to be his God given talent to write and sing.
Anyway, we went home after Pupil’s number. Totally ignoring the next band (Rivermaya) as I heard their new vocalist sucks at singing and was only gotten for his looks (just like Vince of South Border).


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

One Response to Saguijo: Repeat While Fading Launch

  1. Mikepopo says:

    I have to agree. Pupil rocks! as for rivermaya, well, rico blanco is rivermaya itself. No offense sa mga fans ng rivermaya.

    Pwede mo ba isama si ely sa hottest celebrity (dapat may male ka rin?) ahahaha!

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