Review: East Asia

Last Friday, February 13, 2009, me and my office mates, went to East Asia Nightclub. I was informed by Sui, that the entrance fee is Php 300.00 consumable and that the Men’s Beer costs Php 70.00. It’s a bit pricey compared to Aurora but as I have nothing better to do that night, East Asia it is.

East Asia is located along Roxas Boulevard near the corner of Gil Puyat Ave. We got there via a cab and I was a bit intimidated by the place. The club has an awesome ambience, it’s like you’re entering an exclusive bar. Almost all the cars that are parked are SUVs.

As we are about to enter, we were asked by the guard if we know anyone inside. I was confused as to why it would matter so I just inform him that we don’t know anyone inside and asked if it’s going to be a problem. The guard said no and welcomed us in.

The time that we entered, the starlet of the club was just wrapping up her dance. I recognize the starlet as she has been a guest to one of Aurora’s Big Night. I later found out that her stage name is Jessica Romero. I think I still got the ticket for the big night in Aurora that has her face on it. I’m going to check when I get home. Anyway, her dance is still the same as the one she did in Aurora. Imagine a girl with boobs that is so perfectly shaped that you know it has been medically enhanced, drilling with a jack hammer, naked, only without the jack hammer, in varying sexual position. So her theme for her dance is really just a lot of vibrating (yes, vibrating, really, not shaking, VIBRATING). Her 2nd dance was scheduled at 3am and that’s when she showed that she has another dance that she hasn’t done in Aurora before (because of the lack of  Pole then in Aurora). Most strippers usually jumps to the top of the pole and swings down circling the pole. The starlet took it to another level. She doesn’t jump to the top of the pole. She climbs, like a freaking monkey and then circles down head first, all while completely naked.

Anyway, Sui and his friend got their girls so Cris and me were on a different table to give privacy to the two. I told Cris that I’ll get a girl after she gets one. Only Cris has another idea. After I told him who I would like to get, she immediately approached the floor manager, named coincidentally as Leslie, and told her to give me the girl. I considered declining as Cris doesn’t have a girl yet but what the heck, fine sit here. So having a partner finally, the girl, named Cheska, and I transferred to a corner with lesser people for privacy. Well, IT’S OWN! GG na to! 😀

Anyway, Cheska was from Miss U Nightclub for a year and then transferred to East Asia a week ago. I initially intended to just have her for an hour (East Asia charges per hour not per drink) but since I was able to get her to do a lot of stuffs 😀 I paid for the 2nd hour. I also got her number.

Cris on the other hand, didn’t get anyone and was talking with FM Leslie for the rest of the night. FM Leslie offered to us a VIP room free of charge as she thinks that me and Cheska would need some privacy from the way we were on to each other but Sui and his friend has already asked for the bill.

The bill was six thousand pesos but FM Leslie got us  discount of almost two thousand. She explained that although the place was indeed pricey, if you know someone from inside, you can get awesome discounts. So that’s why the guard was asking if we know anyone inside.

And so we ended the adventure, went home, texted Cheska, then slept.

Summary of cost is as follows:

Entrance Fee: Php 300.00 (consumable)

Men’s Beer: Php 70.00 (note: this is one of the few bars that I know that serves San Mig Super Gay, i mean Dry…)

Ladies’ Drink: Php 695.00 per hour

VIP: Php 2,000 plus Ladies’ Drink of Php 695.00 (Php 2000.00 is waived as long as you know someone)

Bedroom: Php 2,000 plus Ladies’ Drink (no freebie from FMs AFAIK)


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

7 Responses to Review: East Asia

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  2. Jazz says:

    Have you got to date cheska?

  3. richard says:

    may kakilala ka ba dun sa loob???? baka pwede mo naman ako i refer para mka discount, hehehe thanks!

    • Starscream says:

      The Floor manager that I knew back then was named Leslie, not sure though if she’s still there and if referral works.

  4. obito says:

    look for jolly or mommy carmen

  5. Rose says:

    Hi. My bf just recently went here, as I was told it was in east asia in roxas so I assumed this is the same place you were talking about. I was just wondering how is it to be in this club? I have no idea on how things are going in this place, the kind of dance, if girls are really naked from head to foot and the likes. I think he paid 1200 for the night. Hope you can give me some info since I’m really upset about it. Thanks!

    • Squared says:

      I apologize for the incredibly late reply, I didn’t notice your comment until today.

      To answer your question, you have nothing to worry about, if he only paid PHP 1,200. With that amount, the worst that he could have done is squeeze another girl’s boobs. He would have needed to shell out at least 5k to have been able to have sex with the GROs.

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