House of Squared: 15 Albums

So I got tagged in Facebook about this listing of 15 albums and thought that it would be fun to share my Top 15 albums that changed my life.

And so here is my list:

1. Eraserheads – UltraElectroMagnetic Pop – I didn’t know anything about Eraserheads even though the album has been out for a few months until a classmate was singing “Tindahan ni Aling Nena”. I asked my classmate whose song is that and he introduced me to the Eraserheads album. I think this is the first album that I bought. Became an instant fan.

2. Eraserheads – Circus – After the playing the first album over and over, I couldn’t wait for the next one. The moment I heard from the radio that the 2nd album was out, I called my uncle who lost our bet (our bet being that he claims that Eheads is a one album wonder, the nerve!) to get him to buy me the next album. I know a lot of people would disagree but in my opinion, if we remove “Pare Ko” from the first album, Circus would be the best album Eraserheads ever made. The song “Minsan” was memorable as well as “Kailan”.

3. Eraserheads – Cutterpillow – Yes, another Eheads album. “Huling El Bimbo” was simply amazing. Poorman’s Grave was the first Eraserhead’s english song that I actually liked.

4. Eraserheads – Sticker Happy – This is the first time that I appreciated their deep, non-sensical, poetry bullshit of a lyrics (which turned out to be what music people considers music and not the poppy lyrics that I loved, fuckers)

5. Eraserheads – Aloha Milky Way – First album of the Eraserheads that I never liked. Besides the song taken from the previous albums, I didn’t like all the new ones. In an interview, Ely said that they are exploring new horizons. Oh well, this was the last Eraserheads album that I ever bought.

6. Britney Spears – Baby One More Time – Britney Spears’ first album. Baby One More Time was my favorite music video back then. And then “Sometimes” came out and that’s when I became a fan and bought her album.

7. Parokya ni Edgar – Bigotilyo – First Audio CD that I bought. We were having a presentation and, don’t ask me why, but we needed a song from this album. Our leader couldn’t find a pirated copy of the album, so all of us tried to look for a copy. Thinking that they would reimburse me if I purchase the original, I bought the album for 250 pesos. They didn’t. Fuckers. So I got the album after the presentation.

8. Backstreet Boys – Millenium – Backstreet Boys 3rd album. The album that got me hooked to boy bands. “I want it that way” is the best boy band song ever made.

9. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory – All their song contains minimal to zero swearing which proves that you can be famous even without them.

10.7 foot jr – Prick Me – 7 foot jr. Song memorable is “Daisy”. The song that I can freakingly relate to. “Daisy, Magkaibigan, Magbarkada, Best Friends pa. Daisy, Bakit ba may ikaw at may ako, pero walang mangyari sa tayo?”

11. Kamikazee – Maharot – “Narda” refer to #10. Fuck.

12. Itchyworms – Noontime Show – “Beer” was fun to hum while actually drinking beer and thinking about #10.

13. Various Artist – Kami nAPO Muna – Sponge Cola’s version of “Nakapagtataka”. If I could sing just one song perfectly for the rest of my life, this would be it. Though not applicable to the #10 situation, the song supported me back then for several months.

14. Sponge Cola – Transit – every love-life related things that I have experience has a song dedicated to it from this album.

15. Various Artist – UltraElectroMagnetic Jam – the album is a recognition to the significance of my favorite band of all time.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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