Ubuntu: First 8 Hours

I tried using Ubuntu 8.10 today out of curiosity. I’ve been wanting to for quite a while to try Linux-based OS but has been intimidated by it. My first Linux encounter is Fedora Core back when I was still in Anino Entertainment. One of the Network Card on our Linux Server died because of power fluctuations and I would have to replace it. That was a nightmare as I have to fix it before the day ends and I know nothing about Linux. Thankfully, I have a few officemate who knows Linux and was able to help me during their free time. Nonetheless, the event had me hating Linux.

A year later, people has been talking about Ubuntu and how it was easy to use. So I tried it and I am somewhat happy with the OS. The installation was fast and easy to understand. I tried to watch a movie but it said that it needed different codecs. Thankfully, they have an automated search for things that you might need and for most of the time, it is able to find the appropriate codec or program to run whatever it is you want to open.

The first problem I encountered is the video card. I couldn’t make heads or tails with the Nvidia Driver for Linux-32 found on the manufacturer’s website. But after updating the OS to current, it was able to use the built-in graphics driver. Besides the Graphics Card driver, all the other devices has been automatically installed.

When I played music, I noticed that it could detect my iPod that was plugged to the USB. The built-in player can also manage the music files of your iPod. The only thing that is missing in the music player is an equalizer but besides that, it’s a good player.

One of problem that I simply didn’t like are the softwares that I download. Almost all of them are source codes and you would have to compile them with the Software Sources Applet. Currently, I am still unable to install Mozilla Thunderbird. I was able to install Wine though.

Speaking of Wine, I downloaded it so that I can play Warcraft III. Sadly, it didn’t work (or maybe I’m doing something wrong).

Another thing that I like with Ubuntu is the Dual Desktop. You can have 2 desktop that you can switch to easily (you would need to customize the shortcut key). So you can have your Work Desktop and your Play Desktop. ^_^

To conclude, Ubuntu is a great OS for those who uses their computer for office works and for browsing. But if you’re into gaming, you’re better off with Windows. Yes, you can download a couple of programs to make games run but is it really worth the time?


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