Mikel-Popo: Welcome to GL

The GL office had another new employee from the AE faction. Michael Angelo “Popo Bastos” Gonzales, my co-game tester, has finally become a full pledged Producer.

Popo started working in the game development industry back in December 5, 2005 when he and I were hired as Game Tester of AE. We both had a 2 months contract that would end on February 15, 2006. A few weeks before our contract ended, we were informed that only one would remain as a Game Tester and the other one would have to get another position. Popo stayed as a game tester but was later given the Assistant Producer job just a month or two after the new project started.

He remained as an Assistant Producer for almost 2 years until the AE and AMI consolidation.

Under the new company, Popo remained as  an Assistant Producer until the departure of the Producer who Popo has been assisting for years. Without the Producer, he doesn’t know what would become of him so Popo informed the management that he is ready to step up and become a Producer. Unfortunately, the management didn’t see him fit to become a Producer. Adding insult to injury, he was placed as a Designer/QA level 1, which, in Popo’s own words, back to square one.

Then, last November 30, 2008, Popo was included in the retrenchment on which 90% of employees that were removed were from the AE faction. Unlike the other AE people, Popo didn’t want to leave AGI yet. I informed Popo that he can try to ask DOLE if the retrenchment was indeed approved. He informed me that he had already asked the management about it and he was informed that it has been filed though not yet approved. I informed him that this is illegal and he can file a complaint. Popo decided not to.

Popo has been a decent employee in his time with AE and with AGI. While having a lot of responsibilities way beyond his job description, he did not openly talked against the company. Popo is usually the first person in the office and is seldom absent. And yet, by just being associated to the AE faction (often called the dark side by the AGI management). To them, his work as an assistant producer for 2 years does not merit him a chance to be a producer even for just one project.

Even though I am his friend, I am not going to say that he’ll be a great and successful producer. What I am going to say is that, at the very least, GL have given him a chance. And, in my honest opinion, a chance is everything he would ever need.


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