AE: Where are they now?

The year 2006, AE has witnessed the first great exodus of employees. Leads, Supervisors, entire department, tendered their resignation. No investigation was made by the management on why this has happened. A year later, a second exodus occurred and at last the management tried to do something about it. They set up a one-on-one interview for each employee. That didn’t work too well as someone got fired after speaking his heart out about problems in the company. So the annual exodus continued until the management retrenched almost all of the remaining AE last November.

So now that we are out of AGI, a lot of you may be wondering where they are now?

I had this idea a few months before about publishing a post about the present job of all the AE employees. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to ask and compile. I told Bloodporne about this idea, hoping that he would have the initiative to ask everyone. Plan worked!

So here is the list of all the current position of our fellow AE employees:

(this is in order of how Bloodporne gave it to me)

Pax – Boomzap, Work-from-home

Pony – Boomzap, Work-from-home

Gon – Boomzap, Work-from-home

Jack Black – Optima Digital Studio

Jak – Terabyte, Japan

Mark – Terabyte, Japan

Hans – Terabyte, Japan

JL – Terabyte, Japan

Jei Vencer (chugs chugs chugs) – Xebec Animation, Japan

Edong – RealU, Singapore

Choogah – RealU, Singapore

Allentot – Lady Luck

Jabo – Lady Luck

Lhadz – Lady Luck

Leonilo – Lady Luck

Allain – Lady Luck

Derek – Lady Luck

Jem – Lady Luck

Joanna – Lady Luck

BBB – Zealot Digital, Singapore

JV – Ubisoft, Singapore

Marlo – Ubisoft, Singapore

Squared – Gameloft

Popo – Gameloft

Tony – Gameloft

Sui – Gameloft

Jeff – Gameloft

Em – Gameloft

Hypermike – Gameloft (Next week!)

Jar – Oracle

Rain – UPLB


John David – Ksatria, Singapore

Parkin Yu – Think Tank

Kimbo – Freelance

JC – Freelance

Bri – Freelance

Choogah even gave a list of the ancient ones, as Jei calls them, and where they are now:

Joseph Gemora – Lucid

Michael Rivero – Kuju

Marc Polican – Gameloft

Don Billiones – Blueprint

Eric Valdezco – Blue Print

Alex Dela Peña – EA, Singapore

Gabby Dizon – Flipside Games

Some we remember but we have no idea where they are now. (if you happen to read this, send me a PM on where you’re working now)

Anna Dy, Arlene, Dexter, Beverly Marquez, Francis, Gerico, Glennelle Taraya, Jenny, Jon Hernandez, Michael Valiao, Mon, Nina Morelos, Rafael Symoun Bolivar, Teresa Suratos, Val, and Zenny Wenceslao.

As Bloodporne has pointed out before “If the AE management has one good thing going for them, it is recognizing talents”.

Too bad they didn’t know how to use those talents.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

4 Responses to AE: Where are they now?

  1. reizencroft says:

    Everyone’s gotta start somewhere……..

    “As Bloodporne has pointed out before, if the AE management has one good thing going for them, it is recognizing talents. Too bad they didn’t know how to use those talents.” And also how to keep them…

  2. Pax says:

    Dapat andito yung mga LAPIDA para ASTIG

  3. jak says:

    post nyo na ung mga lapida !

  4. kakashi says:

    si simon nsa dubai pero d ko alam ung name ng company

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