iPod Touch: The Only Apple Product that I may buy

I am an Apple hater.

From the outrageous price, the small number of third party software, the absence of upgrade options, and the way Apple fanboys preach about the product as if it’s the second coming really turned me off.

Then came the iPod Touch.

As I never really given any care about Apple, I have just heard of this iPod Touch a month ago. An officemate described it as an iPhone minus the camera and the phone. That leaves us with a combination of a audio and video player, an organizer, a portable browser, and a mediocre handheld game console. I was not impressed until they informed me of the price.

PhP 11,000 for an 8gb iPod Touch.

So for the price of a PSP (which I have been considering to buy), I can get an iPod Touch which in my opinion is a better buy. Not only can it do all the things that I wanted on the PSP, I can also have an portable browser organizer. You can also get accessories to be able to watch TV.

(Edit: reizen and Bloodporne informed me that the PSP has a browser though it is very slow)

Some may I ask “Why not buy an iPhone instead and also get a camera and a phone?”. Well, an 8gb iPhone costs about PhP 30,000. The price difference is enough for you to buy a decent camera phone like an Ericsson K810i and still have enough savings for 2-3 trips to a KTV.

So would I be buying this Apple product? If I have the money, yes.

(Edit: Table removed as it doesn’t fit the page)


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3 Responses to iPod Touch: The Only Apple Product that I may buy

  1. reizencroft says:


  2. mikepopo says:

    Go ahead dude buy one…..

    Remember jabo??? hehehe!

  3. Jabo says:

    AHA! GAY! Considering… no not just considering but willing to actually buy something with Apple on it! TRANSVESTITE! HEHEHEH!

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