Philippine Congress: BAKA!

(Baka = idiot in Japanese)

Below is an article found in the Philippine Congress Website. Read and then leave a “WTF!” reply in the comment section:

House wants to ban pornographic cartoon
12 April 2009 10:30:30 AM
Writer: J. Camero / I. Yambot Jr., MRS-PRIB

Hentai, the Japanese pornographic cartoon that depicts children in explicit sexual activity, is considered child pornography material and one may be severely penalized by just mere possession of it.

Squared’s Note:

Hentai (変態 or へんたい) is a Japanese word that, in the West, is used when referring to sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation, particularly Japanese anime, manga and computer games (see Japanese pornography). In Japan it can be used to mean “metamorphosis” or “abnormality”. The word “hentai” has a negative connotation to the Japanese and is commonly used to mean “sexually perverted”. (Taken word for word from Wikipedia)

Not getting your terms correct from the start is a sign of a badly researched bill. Hentai does not automatically mean Child Pornography. Our dear congressmen, please do your research properly.

A bill banning this pornographic cartoon was approved recently by the Joint House Committees on Justice and Welfare of Children chaired by Rep. Matias Defensor (3rd District, Quezon City) and Rep. Monica Prieto-Teodoro (1st District, Tarlac), respectively.

Prieto-Teodoro, one of the authors of the measure, said the bill penalizes the offenders who sell, offer, advertise, and promote child pornography; and have been found to possess, download, purchase, reproduce, or make available child pornography materials with the intent of selling or distributing them.

I really want to know how they would declare a cartoon character to be underage? Do you base it on what the story tells her age is or do you base it on your assessment? I know the former is absurd so most probably we would go to the latter reason. So let’s say you caught someone selling a Hentai video involving a girl that may be 18 (which would make her of legal age) or may be 16 years of age (which would make her underaged), who would decide? Our policemen?

If that is the case, I assure you that this would be a new modus operandi for a huli-dap (which is where cops sets you up so that they can either charge you for a crime you didn’t commit unless you bribe them)

Prieto-Teodoro said child pornography material refers to the means and methods in which a child carries out pornography.

And you definition of pornography would be?

“It can be in forms of visual depiction, audio representation and written text or materials that advocate explicit sexual activity with a child,” Prieto-Teodoro said.

Okaaay….so define a child? Anyone who are below the legal age? If this is so, then we should ban the showing of the famous anime shown on Philippine T.V. a few years before. I’m referring to Fushigi Yuugi. Miyaka, the heroine, had several sexual acitivity in that series, though nothing visual but definitely in audio. She is definitely underaged by Philippine standard as she is about to take entrance exams for college. By the way, Fushigi Yuugi is not a Hentai anime. But basing on the description of our dear dear congressman, it is.

She explained that the said images of real and indistinguishable children in films, digital images or computer images, whether made or produced electronically or mechanically; drawings, cartoons, sculptures or paintings depicting children in an explicit sexual activity are just some of the visual depictions considered as child pornography materials.

This is also another debatable part of the bill. Anime characters are usually cute and looks young even though they are really of legal age. Again, how would you distinguish a 15 year old cartoon character to an 18 year old character?

Prieto-Teodoro said there is a need for a legislative measure to address this disturbing social phenomena considering that the provisions of RA7160 or the Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act are mainly related to child prostitution and do not provide adequate protection to victims of other forms of sexual exploitation particularly child pornography.

Rep. Darlene R. Antonino-Custodio (1st District, South Cotabato) another author of the bill to be known as the “Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009”, said the Internet which is used for gaining knowledge is being used by some as a medium to gratify sexual desire.

“Once the picture of child victim is flashed either on the Internet or video clip, the picture is open for the entire world to see. The child loses his or her privacy and innocence which can never be restored,” Antonino-Custodio said.

WHAT INNOCENCE!?! IT’S A FUCKING CARTOON CHARACTER. Oh, we’re talking about a real child now? Then I wholeheartedly agree

“Adults indulging in child pornography either by purchasing, viewing or producing them, should be subjected to the most severe punishments,”Antonino-Custodio said.

Under the bill, child pornography refers to any representation of a child below 18 years of age, engaged in real or simulated explicit sexual activities or any representation of the sexual parts of a child primarily for sexual purposes.

A WHAT!?! REPRESENTATION OF THE SEXUAL PARTS CAN GET YOU TO JAIL!?!?! By this basis, we should also ban Dragonball as the penis of a young Gokou has been shown several times. Let’s also ban Ranma 1/2 as Ranma’s breast has been exposed too many times. Oh and also Sailormoon as they feature a naked silhouette during their transformation. Holy shit!

(Edit: In my outrage over the news, I didn’t notice that it included the phrase “…primarily for sexual purposes” so my comment here may be wrong.)

The bill provides that the mere possession of drawings, cartoons, digital images, computer-generated images — even if it is indistinguishable from that of real children engaging in an explicit sexual activity – may be penalized with 6 to 12 years imprisonment and a fine of not more than P500,000.


The measure also imposes 12 to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of not more than P2 million to violators who have been found guilty of committing unlawful acts such as hiring, employing, using, persuading, inducing, or coercing a child to perform in the production of child pornography, including its production people.

Other authors of the bill are Reps. Rene M. Velarde (Party-List, BUHAY), Ignacio T. Arroyo (5th District, Negros Occidental), Rufus B. Rodriguez (2nd District, Cagayan de Oro), Narciso D. Santiago III (Party-List, Alliance for Rural Concerns), Matias V. Defensor (2nd District, Quezon City), Jr., Lorenzo Tanada III (4th District, Quezon), Edgardo M. Chatto (1st District, Bohol) and Luzviminda C. Ilagan (Party-List, Gabriela).

This last paragraph’s purpose is to give you the list of congressman and woman who co-authored this bill and be awed by the number of our paid-by-taxes lawmakers who don’t know what they’re doing.

(You can also click here to view the article from the Philippine Congress website)

Here is my Top 5 reason why this bill sucks:

1. The description of Hentai is wrong

2. An 18 year old character is honestly indistinguishable to a 16 year old character

3. The degree of punishment for an offender of an imaginary child pornography is the same as with a real child pornography

4. The description of what is child pornography is vague and open for abuse

5. A lot of non-hentai anime would be considered hentai, thus illegal because of the fuck up description stated by our dear congressman


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

4 Responses to Philippine Congress: BAKA!

  1. reizencroft says:

    There’s a Filipino saying that: “Ang umaaray may sugat”, translated in English, “The one who’s hurt it the one with cuts/wounds”. Meaning that those who are affected are the ones who complains. That makes you one of those who will be severely affected by this law.

    I really can’t blame those who penned the bill, because of the increasing number of rape case, especially with minors, here in the Philippines. These pornography becomes the precursor for those men to enact their desires. Though, this bill can’t totally eliminate these crimes but somehow can reduce its numbers.

    But I gotta agree with you that their definition of pornography is very vague and the punishment is quite severe plus can also be abused by the executors(i mean the executing department).

  2. rayanami says:

    First of all, yes, I am affected but not the child pornography part. I am affected because by their definition, I would be categorized as a child pornography carrier which I am not. I do watch hentai but never lolicon hentai (child porn).

    What I am concerned is the Filipino saying that you’ve mentioned. I don’t like it. In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter whether you are affected or not. If you deem it is wrong, say so.

  3. Leo_Knight says:

    The fucking Anime Shit is wrong..In every oder..In anime the women brest is shown more and more Openly and some times a man,s gun..So it Creats a Sexual attraction in little childrens,,And when the time come in there 15 to 16 age the Get fucked up or fuck some one else…I really like anime the fact that i am over age…But anime should only be cute like they are supposed to be ..but not about sex..I shoud say that they should stop showing breat big boobs and thing like this in anime,,,And this Sex thing will be long gone

  4. azamanaza says:

    here’s my comment. WTF?

    it hentai IS NOT a source of rape cases increasing in this country… its those friggin indie films. and tbh, yes, some hentai do show “child” pornography… but the penalties written are absurd. toons arent even real people. better watching, than watching real porn. there’s a bisaya saying that goes “better that, than drugs…”

    if that’s the way things are, a lot of filipinos are going to jail. dating from the classics like ranma, ninja scroll which are action/adventure/comedy as its main genre and adult being their second…

    this is stupid… sorry, my writing skills are bad. my head’s swelling with ideas that would prove this bill to be laughable. i just cant express them well. :p

    again… WTF?

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