Review: East Asia Again and More

I went to East Asia yesterday. Nothing much has changed with regards to the place but there were a lot of new faces. Our FM, Leslie approached us again and asked what our plans are for the night. I informed her that we’re just here to drink and watch. She chatted with me for a bit and I learned a few more things about the place. Some even conflicted with the previous information that I post here last February. (Click here to read the previous post)

I was told that repeating customers get some perks like being allowed to do the extra service inside the VIP. So according to her, you can do it with any girl here but not on your first visit. The damage for the deed is as follow: PhP 2,500 for the VIP room (Ladies’ Drink included) plus PhP 2,200 for the deed. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to any more details as to what is included in that PhP 2,200 charge other than the deed itself.

While the price is staggering, I can honestly say that should I have had the cash that night, I would have availed of this service. They may not be your type but 90% of the girls in EA, at the very least, have smooth skin and small waist (which is a huge plus for me).

By 2am, I left and got a taxi. I chatted with the driver and asked him if he knows a good place to pickup girls. It seems that he was waiting for a passenger to ask him about it, he immediately offered a place where I can get one. I said I’m not sure if I’m getting one but I really would like to see where.

So the driver took me to a house near Buendia and told me to follow him inside. I was a bit scared as there are a lot of muscular man around the area. I was thinking that this may be the driver’s modus operandi to mug me but fortunately nothing of the kind happened.

Once inside, we were ushered to a room full of girls. I estimate their numbers to about 20+. Not as pretty as the girls from EA but there are some who would do. I was told that the rate would be 3k for 3 hours for unlimited pops which is a good deal except that I didn’t have enough cash.

The driver said that we can visit more house but I declined as the rate would still be the same.

Unless I meet and become acquainted with a certain friend of a friend soon, I would most definitely avail of the service.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

One Response to Review: East Asia Again and More

  1. Edward says:

    Can you tell me more about east asia.. It seems like i want to know more. Detailed please.. Thanks.. Excited

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