Boston vs Chicago: Rajon Rondo's Hard Foul Video

A day later after the game, the NBA reviewed the videos and finds no cause to give Rajon Rondo a game suspension. This has caused some arguments among fans as to whether the decision was fair or not. Fans even compared this to Dwight Howard’s flagrant foul on Samuel Dalembert.

Well, in my opinion, Dwight Howard’s foul is an obvious flagrant foul, no questions about it. But what about Rondo’s?

According to Wikipedia, a flagrant foul is a foul with excessive force. So was Rondo using excessive force? Was there a mistake in the call? Was he supposed to be suspended?

Here are 2 videos where a foul has been upgraded to a flagrant foul:

First one is Robert Horry’s foul on Steve Nash

Okay, it was excessive force. Nash was bumped by a bigger guy and was floored. Horry got called for flagrant foul 2 and a 2 game suspension. Robert Horry is 6-10 and 240lbs, Steve Nash is 6-3 and weighs 178lbs. Difference in height is 7 inches, difference in weight is 62lbs.

Next we have a recent one, Trevor Ariza on Rudy Fernandez

Again, excessive force was made. Fernandez was in the hospital for several days as a result of the foul. Looking at the replay, you can see Ariza’s hand just a few inches on the ball, clear that he really is reaching for it but his arms hits Fernandez’s head that cause the injury. Trevor Ariza was given a flagrant foul 2 but did not get any suspension. Trevor Ariza is 6-8 and 210lbs, Rudy Fernandez is 6-6 and 185lbs. Difference in height and weight is 2 inches and 25lbs.

Now on Rajon’s case, his hand was more than 12 inches away from the ball, with no way to reach it, he just grabbed Brad Miller’s face. Brad Miller got a bloodied lips as a result. Rajon Rondo got a personal foul. Brad Miller’s height and weight? 7-0 and 261lbs. Rondo’s? 6-1 and 171 lbs.

In conclusion, the amount of punishment you receive from a hard foul is directly proportional to the height and weight difference of the players involved.


Stu Jackson gave this statement as their reason for the decision:

“In terms of the criteria that we use to evaluate a flagrant foul penalty one, generally we like to consider whether or not there was a windup, an appropriate level of impact and a follow-through. And with this foul, we didn’t see a windup, nor did he follow through. So for that reason we’re not going to upgrade this foul to a flagrant foul penalty one.”

Watch the video again and tell me whether there wasn’t any windup and a follow through.

I’ve watched a few videos where flagrant fouls were made and I couldn’t see how Rondo’s foul is different from the other players who committed flagrant fouls except that Rondo is a lot smaller than Miller.


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