House of Squared: The World We Live In

It has been more or less two weeks since the Miss California vs Perez Hilton controversy but it looks like it is far from over. Several news have come up to destroy her image. One of the news is that she had breast implants. A writer even goes as far as too title his article as “Would Jesus get implants?“. Another news is about how she posed nude and some of her pictures was leaked.

So why is she getting this much hate? Just because she gave her opinion on how marriage should be between a man and a woman? WTF? Even their current president said the same thing before the election and still won. So you can be politically incorrect to become a president of the USA but you can’t become a Miss USA?

As you can see, there was virtually no difference with what they stand for. And he won (by a landslide, from what I heard).

In my opinion, the reason this is so is that pro-same sex marriage people are a minority. That’s why Obama still won because even if they voted against him, they’re just a few people. While they are few, this people are in position of power, the media. Hence the amount of hate articles made against Miss Carrie Prejean. By doing this, not only do they express their hatred to Miss California, but they’ve also shown the world how powerful they are and how they are not afraid to use it should you oppose them.

A comment was posted on my previous article stating that two 11 year old kid has committed suicide because they were being ridiculed as gays. They were being bullied by kids in their school. So let me ask those who writes all this articles, aren’t you doing the same thing? These smear campaigns written about Miss Prejean is what I call a classic case of bullying.

In closing, I’d like it if you watched this video:


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

2 Responses to House of Squared: The World We Live In

  1. linsauke says:

    well, as what Elisabeth Hasselbeck (co-host of The View, most successful Survivor alumni), those pictures of Ms. Cali would have not surfaced if Ms. Cali answered differently, that what people are doing is unfair and is definitely a form of bullying.

    Besides, so what if she has those racy photos? I do agree that if there’s a rule about it in the pageant, then she should be dethroned BUT for people calling her a hypocrite and all?!?

    It’s the unfair standard that people perceive that Christians (or any religious folks) should be holy and sinless. Yes, Ms. Cali made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean she can’t continue believing that marriage should just be between a man and a woman. It’s not hypocrisy.

    If only people who are faultless are the only one allowed to teach morals, then we would be leaving in a immoral society, oh wait, seems like we are.

  2. Hasselbeck's statement says:

    “Well, I think there’s a very specific witch hunt going on here because she expressed her opinion. So now we’re going to dig and throw fear into the heart of any person who may want to freely express their opinion in the United States of America. That seems like a big bullying scheme to me.

    If she had answered the other way, would anyone have been searching for those photos? Would they want to vilify her or remove what she’s been working for?

    I don’t understand the pageant well, and I don’t know what her responsibilities were. Was she to represent the state of California in her opinions and was she to represent the opinions of a young woman who believed in her heart one thing?

    That’s her personal opinion. I’m not sure what her duties were or were to be.

    I do know this, though. I’m not sure this investigation into any sort of photos or background or family members that they’re pulling out of left and right would have even occurred if she had given an answer on the other side.

    So it seems to me a bit of a bullying scheme, as I said before, and that disturbing. We should be able to have our opinions in this country and stand by them and at least be respected, at the very least.”

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