Being the Computer Guy

I first became a full-pledged IT back with AE after I was kicked out of being a Game Designer. The former IT guy, who was also a game designer, for some reason, tried to console me on my “demotion”. I was confused by this because I never thought of an IT being an inferior position to developers. It didn’t take a week before I found out how very wrong I am.

I wanted to create a list of things that I hate about being an IT but never got around to actually making one. Well, my procrastinating paid off, someone else made one. The article was titled “10 Reasons It Doesn’t Pay to be the Computer Guy” from So I copied the list and inserted my own personal experiences on each item.

Reason #10 – Most Of Your Accomplishments Are Invisible

What is an accomplishment for an IT? In my opinion, when everything is working the way it should, I’ve done a good job. Well, to the management, this means that you are underutilized. So what they do is they give you other things to do so that they can get their “money’s worth”.

Reason #9 – Every Conversation You Have Is Roughly The Same

While this is not true in my office, this often happens on mini-family reunions. “Oh, you’re an IT!?!? Can you take a look at my computer, it’s getting slower and slower everyday and my printer doesn’t print anymore and…”. Sometimes I’d like to counter it by saying “Oh, you’re an accountant/lawyer/doctor/artist/etc!?!? Can you do my tax return/sue my ex/check my blood pressure/do a canvas painting of my girlfriend?” I wonder how they’ll react. Well, I guess we also are to blame for this as we’re such a pushover.

Reason #8 – You’re An Expert Of Bleeding-Edge Technology Products, Aren’t You?

Just because I am the “computer guy” doesn’t mean I’ll know how to use your digital camera the minute I touch it. And I also haven’t heard of this obscure software that you want to use but don’t know how, so give me time to research on it.

Reason #7 – Your Talents Are Forcibly Undervalued

When you’re main job is not a computer repairman, neighbors and relatives would ask for your help on their computers with the hope that you’ll charge them cheaper than a professional computer technician would. First of all, I have a higher hourly rate than those guys so disturbing my weekend off for your computer problem should be charged equal to my rate plus overtime pay.

Reason #6 – You’re Never Allowed A Moment’s Peace

I accept this as one of the responsibility of being an IT. I know it sucks when you get a call from an office mate who are doing overtime while you’re doing your girl but hey, they won’t be able to work if the server’s down.

Reason #5 – People Ask You To Perform Miracles

I am fortunate that I work in a game development so most of my office mates are computer-literate enough to know a lost cause when they see one.

Reason #4 – Your Assumed “All-Knowing” Status Sets You Up To Let People Down

But this still happens…

Reason #3 – You Possess Unlimited Responsibility

Back in my previous job, I was the IT and the Property Custodian and Purchasing and Messenger and a lot of other things. I also sometimes serve as an IT for its sister company when they supposedly consolidated (in papers but not in location). So sometimes I had to travel for 2 hours to get to the other office and then go back to my usual office. (and they wondered why I hate them so much)

Reason #2 – A Life Of Alienation

The only time I feel alienated is during developers-only parties but I can accept that.

Reason #1 – You Have No Identity

Thankfully this is also not true on my case.

Nevertheless, I still love being an IT even though many considers it a second-class job. Thankfully I have never experienced a lot of the pains other IT people had. Working in a game development company sure is a lot of fun even for an IT.

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