Aurora: A Visit After 5 Months

I haven’t visited Aurora KTV and Nightclub for more or less 5 months now. I do frequent the Aurora thread in the Manila Tonight forums and knows that there are a lot of new faces. One notable information that got my attention is that the Bea of old is back under a new name last April. Just this piece of news has given me enough reasons to give this place a visit.

Unfortunately, a few extra-curricular activities has lowered my finances to absolute zero so it took me a month before I was able to visit.

Well, I was able to visit last Sunday and let me tell you, Out of the twenty girls that were present (only 20 were present as Sunday is a slooow day for KTVs here), I only know 2 girls, Raven and Kiss and I doubt they still remember me.

The only FM (Floor Manager) present is Charlie who still remembers me and also some waiters recognized me and greeted me.

So I sat and watched and decided that I’m just having one beer and I’m gone.  But, Charlie, ordered a full cast dance on the stage so that I can get to see all the new faces. I told Charlie that I might get a girl next time but not today as I just wanted to watch. Just as Charlie was leaving, I saw a girl with decent face, thin body, and oh so small waist. Being a sucker for small waist girls, I asked Charlie her name. It’s Angela and Charlie offered to introduce me to her, well great, so much for one beer.

And so I got Angela, age 20, from the province of Cebu, currently residing somewhere here in Biñan, Laguna, a member of Joey’s Angels (one of the new group in Aurora). She’s not that talkative and I only got a few minutes of conversation. She dances all the way though so I’m hoping that I can meet her outside for a “date”. I got her number but haven’t texted her yet. I might after a few days, if I feel like it.

As for the establishment, there were some notable changes. The place just got a new paint job. They purchased a new sound system, finally. The sofas has not changed, there are still some tears. The disco ball seems like it hasn’t been cleaned for weeks. I don’t know but ever since I visited East Asia, I have been more critical to my beloved Aurora. Even so, I still love the place and I will always have a lot of memories with that place, good and bad.

Oh, I didn’t see Bea. Too bad.


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