Colegio San Agustin – Biñan: Batch 1999

After reading Moongirl’s post about High School reunion, I realized that it has been 10 years now since I’ve graduated from High School. Wow, suddenly several memories from my HS life rushed in.

One of the memories that stood out is our infamous graduation ceremony. To put it in our dear rector’s words, he described our ceremony as a “Festival of Fools”. Thinking about it now, I guess we misbehaved and has not made the ceremony as solemn as our dear teachers and principal had hoped. I guess we were just too happy of us being graduates and finally free that we completely forgot how uptight our faculty is. The end result was disastrous to some. Our report cards were released about a week later than scheduled resulting for some of my batchmate to not be able to pass their college requirements hence opting for their 2nd choice of school. Our yearbook is as beautiful as the girls in P. Burgos st. And our student council officers weer never cited for their position.

So back in January of 2002, me and my measly HTML knowledge decided to create a web version of our high school. I tried to look for the URL on my archives and finally found it. I visited the site and found that it still exists. The website that I built with just the use of notepad and MS Paint was still of existence. For those who wants to see what it looks like, here’s a screenshot:


Plain looking and still has the old links that I frequent, most of which are already dead links. Reading the guestbook was a lot fun. The site was meant, not only to create our own virtual yearbook but also to serve as our contact to each other. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Friendster came up and well, it just served the purpose better and so the website was forgotten.

For those who wants to check out the site, post your request in the comment section with your email and I’ll send it to you.Requests from non-CSA Batch ’99 will be ignored.

Sadly, the host is not gone, oh well, hopefully someone can make something better.


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2 Responses to Colegio San Agustin – Biñan: Batch 1999

  1. popo says:

    can you please tell me the website of batch99 (above)

  2. christopher realingo says:

    pasend naman ng link…

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