Politicians Jumping the Bandwagon

As you all very well know, the Katrina Halili Hayden Kho Scandal has sparked a lot of attention, from the internet to our beloved senators and other politicians. Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. has called for the revocation of Kho’s medical license and promised to help the actress. The Malacañang palace has also criticized Kho and also promised to help. And lastly, our dear, dear Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales, who was of no help to the Nicole Rape case, has offered his help to Halili.

Wow, the power of the legislative, executive, and judiciary has offered their help to Ms. Halili. My question is, where was the power of these 3 when Criselda Volks Scandal went out? Where were you guys when ordinary people’s scandal went out? Did you know that scandal is not only about consensual sex being video taped? They have involved rape, drugs, and alcohol on video and have you done anything? No, of course not. It won’t help you in the upcoming elections. It won’t give you television air-time for helping an unknown girl get justice.

If a victimized celebrity can have our government to join forces and take action, then shouldn’t our celebrities have the social obligation to be victimized?

Update: Two Lawmakers from the Gabriela group has now called for the investigation of other scandals like the La Salle Scandal, Cebu Bang Bang Scandal, and the Dumaguete Scandal. This is all good except for one tiny detail. Our dear lawmakers seems to not have watched any of the videos. They said the women in all these videos were unaware that they were videoed when they were in their intimate moments with their partners. Uhm, I don’t know about the Cebu Scandal, but if by La Salle scandal, they meant the one where the infamous “it works!” line was from, then the girl definitely knows she was being videotaped, this is also true about the Dumaguete Scandal as far as I know. While this doesn’t lessen the grievousness of the incident, it still makes our congressmen/women look dumb.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

3 Responses to Politicians Jumping the Bandwagon

  1. gogo says:

    tinira mo pa ang mga politico pero ang really issue ay ang manyak
    na si hayden.

    • rayanami says:

      Both are REAL issue. Yes, it’s true that Hayden Kho is a sex maniac, I don’t think anyone is denying that, but that is not the sole issue. I just decided not to talk about the Hayden Kho angle but of some other angle.

  2. mikepopo says:

    Well, that’s the start of the election fever. I mean, if you were a politician by yourself, this is a perfect opportunity to make your name be known to the people. Strike while the iron is hot ika nga nila.

    Nataon lang kasi na

    1. High profile personalities ang involved sa issue
    2. Election is coming kaya ganito kainit ang scandal na ito

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