Marquez vs Mayweather jr.: Will it go the distance?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. tried to overshadow the media attention of the Pacman vs Hitman bout by announcing his coming out of retirement last May 2. He also said that his first fight would be against who he considers as the best current active fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez. Unfortunately, Pacman downed the Hitman in 2 rounds with such dominance that Mayweather had to make a lot of trash talking interview to gain some interest from fans and writers on him.

While Floyd Mayweather has a knack for trash talking, I do believe that he is really a great fighter with god-given talents. And I don’t think that Mayweather is just a loud mouth, I believe the trash talk is all part of his game plan. It can give him 2 advantages. One is it can psyche lesser opponents to either cower or to ignore his coach’s advise and go all out which is what Floyd wants seeing as he’s a counter puncher. The second advantage however is a double-edge sword. By trash talking, he has put tremendous pressure on himself, not only to win, but to dominate.

The problem with that is Floyd has to be selective on what he’s going to say. Saying that Marquez wouldn’t last up to the 12th round is something, in my opinion, a dangerous kind of pressure. Floyd and Marquez are both dedicated counter punchers. Counter punchers wait for the right moment to counter a huge punch from his opponent. Without a big punch, they’ll stay with jabs which are safe but it would lack damage. So with that pressure of beating Marquez in the early rounds, Floyd may have to go on the offensive to achieve this, unless of course Marquez gives in to the taunting. Now going on the offensive against Marquez is not that bad of a move, but it’s a realm that Mayweather is not familiar with. A mistake or two on his part can result to a devastating counter from Marquez.

Now I know I’m not a boxing analyst and a lot of my opinion may be off the mark, but I do read a lot and there is some logic there. But if you feel that I am really much mistaken, feel free to say so in the comment section.

In any case, it matters not who wins. Any of the two would be a grand finale for Pacman. It’s either beat the undefeated or beat the one who defeated the undefeated. Either way, it’s a one way ticket to legendary status for Pacquiao (if he wins of course)

Here is the interview of Mayweather where he said that Marquez won’t go the distance:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/71599/448919&tbid=k_3278&premium=false&height=445&width=425]


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3 Responses to Marquez vs Mayweather jr.: Will it go the distance?

  1. Jeremiah says:

    I hope Marquez wins this fight. I’m tired of Mayweather running his mouth. But I also want to see Mayweather fight Pacquiao though. So Manny can knock his talkative butt out. I wrote an article about interesting fight at:

  2. Jorel says:

    I think due to our experience we can be called boxing afficiondos… What is our experience? Ippo of course. hahahahaha

  3. mikepopo says:

    I have an interesting interview of mayweather and his attitude towards manny up on my blogsite. Check it out…

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