House of Squared: 100+ Post

House of Squared had reached its 100th post yesterday. It took me almost 3 years to hit this mark mostly because I update my blog once every 3-6 months back then. The blog was created November 6 of 2006 and much has changed since it was created.

House of Squared was actually my 3rd blog. The first one was titled “A confession of a dangerous mind” which I closed after 2-3 months of emo post due to a certain event that I hope would never happen again. That blog lasted only 4 months. I attempted to create a 2.0 of it but found that I was not over my emo status and that blog again was filled with useless emo articles.

Then a month after the failure of the 2nd blog, I created House of Squared with a promise that no emotional post would litter the blog. The title was a combination of the then major Marvel story arc, House of M plus my Anino nickname, Squared. Below is the first article posted:

This blog site will contain topics related to my hobbies.
You can expect the following topics to appear on this site:
1. IT stuffs – I am an IT manager of Anino Entertainment at the time I wrote this.
2. Collectible Card Game – I was a former player of Magic the Gathering and VS system. I still play them though not as active as in the past.
3. MMORPGs – I played Ragnarok Online, Gunbound, RAN Online, and I currently play Lineage 2.
4. Anime and Mangas – Though I don’t watch anime as much as I was in college, I still keep myself up to date by reading mangas (japanese comics).
5. Field reports on Night clubs in the Philippines – This is a costly hobby so you won’t see updates about this regularly.
That is all.

Ironically though, I’ve had a lot of Nightclub FRs and well, a few months worth of emoness.

The blog used to only have Anino Entertainment readers where they informed that they have been following my adventures in the world of GROs. But after my post about the raid on AGI, people from AMI started following the blog, especially when I started criticizing their creative director. I was surprised when I was informed by my former AE friends that AMI people were asking them about my site and what’s my beef with the greatest. Some even said that my site was banned from their office (I’m not sure about this one though).

After several AGI-hate post, I decided again to focus on my intended topics which resulted to a jump from 30 regular visitor to 150. But my biggest draw, however, happened during the Katrina Halili controversial scandal video. It went as high as 4,000 visitors. I was however not that pleased as it just made people visit my site to download the scandal and ignore my posts. That’s why, after 4 days of posting, I decided to “remove” the download link. Well not entirely removed though. I decided to disguise the download link by making the font color the same as the background color. If a visitor would read the entire post, he/she has a good chance of finding the link, but if his/her intentions are just to download then they’ll probably miss it. Turns out, I was right. A grand total of 10 visitors has found the hidden link, while a thousand visitor of that topic didn’t.

So what’s next for House of Squared? Well, one of the immediate goal is to buy the domain. Long term goal is to have a thousand daily visitor without resorting to sex-oriented topics, which admittedly is the strongest draw of the site.

To my regular readers, especially the AE crowd, I do hope you continue reading even though AE/AGI topics would be scarce from now on. Thank you for the time you take to read my blog everyday.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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