A Harry Potter What If…

My brother and I, both a Harry Potter (the novel, not the character) fan, often engage in discussions about the Harry Potter world on every minute details, from plot loopholes to what ifs. One of the what ifs that we recently liked is what would have happened to the Wizarding World should Harry Potter somehow died in an accident a few years after Voldemort’s first downfall but before he got to the Hogwarts Express for his first year of studies.

Of course, these what-ifs involves back reading on previous novels looking for loopholes for our ideas. So far, we haven’t found any loopholes and is fairly confident in saying that the Wizarding World was better off dead after the first downfall of the Dark Lord.

Here are the proofs:

Book 1 – In the first book, should Quirrel be able to reach the final obstacle which is Dumbledore’s Mirror of Erised trick, he would not have gotten the Philosopher’s stone anyway. As Dumbledore said, only those who wants to find the stone but not use it would be able to solve the puzzle. Clearly Quirrel nor the Dark Lord wouldn’t have been able to solve this. And Dumbledore would have been back to catch the two. Harry’s interference only resulted to 5 to 10 minutes of delay.

Book 2 – Here is where we had some debate. Harry this time really had a hand in stopping Riddle and the monster of the chamber with the help of Fawkes and Gryffindor’s sword. Also, Harry’s absence wouldn’t have prevented Lucius in slipping the diary to Ginny though this is open to some debate as the commotion caused by Harry during the autograph singing of Lockhart wouldn’t have happened and Malfoy might not have a chance to get that close to Ginny. But my main point here is that Ginny, at some point in the story, disposed of the diary in Myrtle’s cubicle and, had it not for Harry picking up the diary, would have stayed there.

Book 3 – This is where Harry had made the most damage just by existing as a nosy git. In Harry’s absence, Sirius would have been able to kill Wormtail or at least get him to Azkaban with the help from Lupin. Snape wouldn’t have gotten Harry’s invisibility cloak to sneak up on them. Of course Buckbeak would have been executed but is that really a big deal?

Book 4 – Book 4 would not have been made because Wormtail will not be able to reunite with the Dark Lord. He also would not have been able to meet Bertha Jorkins which led to the releasing of Barty Crouch Jr. and the knowledge of the upcoming Triwizard Tournament, that would eventually result to the Dark Lord’s resurrection.

So Book 5 – 7 would have not existed as Voldemort would have never been resurrected.

That’s why the Wizarding World would have been better off if Harry Potter never came to Hogwarts.


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12 Responses to A Harry Potter What If…

  1. Jorel says:

    a nice conjcture… though then that might activate neville…they fit the criteria for the prophecy its just that voldemort chose the potters as the most dangerous… i like what ifs…. i have a friend that made her own version of harry potter. unfortunately its not for young kids.

    • rayanami says:

      I would like Harry to die after Voldemort tried to kill him, not before. So Harry would still get the scar but some time between that event and entering Hogwarts, Harry could die in some kind of accident.

  2. Cathy says:

    That is nice conjecture. However, in book two you said that if Harry had not been there,
    Then when Ginny threw the diary in the toilet it would have remained there. I disagree.
    In the book, she goes through Harry’s room to find it. If he had not taken it, she simply
    Would have returned to the bathroom to do so-retrieving it from Moaning Myrtle’s home.

  3. Dig says:

    Your arguments really miss the main points. Book 1 it was important that Harry play a hand in it to prove his worth and goodness (mostly in Dumbledore’s eyes). Book 2 Harry learned a lot about the history of Chamber which later led to Hagrid’s proven innocence not to mention an understanding of Tom Riddle’s personality and tactics. Book 3, if Harry lets Sirius kill Wormtail he would be allowing him to damage his sole. In addition, Wormtail was not a very efficient servant who made numerous mistakes and therefore helped Harry survive and gain control of the elder wand in Malfoy Manor. Book 4 is where you are most wrong. Voldemort wouldn’t have ‘died’ or stayed in a less human form forever because he had followers other than Wormtail could have be resurrected by blood of any enemy

    • Starscream says:

      Again, imagine Harry not existing in book 1, what would have happened? Prof Quirrel stuck in front of the mirror of erised not knowing what to do. Dumbledore gets back and put a stop to their plan. Book 2, Ginny doesn’t have any passionate topic to pour her soul in writing on the diary so what then? Book 3, Black kills Wormtail, end of story, so what if it damages Sirius’ soul? How does that affect the wizarding world in general? Book 4, tri wizard tournament is completed without a hitch since there’s no Pettigrew to accidentally meet the ministry official who knows of Barty Crouch jr. As Voldemort mentioned when he was finally resurrected, the death eaters who are free to find him has given up on finding him and if not for that single death eater, he would not have been revived.

      • Dig says:

        Are you saying Harry dies before he goes to school? In my opinion, Harry was invincible all his life basically. Because he was a horcrux, nothing but the basilisk venom could have killed him. Book 1, if Harry wasn’t there Malfoy would have given the journal to some other kid, probably one who would/could not be saved. Therefore, Thomas Riddle would have been resurrected earlier without Dumbledore’s knowledge of the type of magic (horcrux) that the killed diary showed him. Even if he did know about the horcruxes he would have not had the 5 years to learn about the places and things they would be, or anyone to carry on his work. Not to mention he may have lost to Voldemort during the time, losing the elder wand to him and dooming the world.

      • Dig says:

        *Book 2

      • Starscream says:

        Being a Horcrux does not make one invincible. If it does, why did Dumbledore ordered Snape to watch over Harry. Dumbledore has suspected from the start that Harry was an accidental Horcrux. Book 2 is where Dumbledore suspected that there could have been several non-accidental Horcruxes.

        Malfoy did not intend to open the Chamber of Secrets nor did he intend to revive Lord Voldemort. His motive is much smaller which is to discredit the Weasleys who were investigating Malfoy for Dark Magic objects. Therefore, he would not have given the diary to anyone else but a Weasley child.

        Honestly though, Book 2 is where a lot of guesswork is done on my part. What is sure is that Malfoy will give the diary to one of Weasley’s children as the intent is to discredit him. Now, since Harry did not exist, I’m not sure if they would be passionate in their writing on their diary, at least enough for the Horcrux to get stronger from this.

      • Dig says:

        Malfoy had intended the Chamber to be open because how else would the Weasley’s be discredited? He knew that the book would lead to that, otherwise the dark magic is not recognized.

        As far as Harry dying, I’m pretty sure he would be nearly impossible to kill. Especially after the Tom marked him as his equal. That’s really the point isn’t it? I guess it is more important to say how, when, and why he died. I’d have to believe that the horcrux inside Harry would put up a fight.

      • Starscream says:

        Hmm, yeah I was wrong on that part but he didn’t know anything about Horcrux nor does he know that it might help revive Voldemort as said by Dumbledore during the latter part of book 6.

        And I don’t remember any part in the book where it was said that Harry is invincible. I know he was impervious to Voldemort but it wasn’t mentioned if the same is true to everything else.

  4. Dig says:

    Yeah I just wonder if Nagini could have been killed with the killing curse or something other than the Venomed sword. But, your thoughts are very well developed. Thanks for the debate.

    • Starscream says:

      Thank you too.

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