A(H1N1) Virus: Overrated or Underrated?

The A(H1N1) Virus or Swine Flu has infected more than 200 people in the Philippines and as far as I know, there has been no fatalities yet (I could be wrong here, if so, please inform me). A number of colleges and universities has suspended their classes because of a reported case of the virus.

On a world scale, less than 1% of infected people had died. I think most of them were from Mexico.

In June 2009, based on its wide spread to many nations, the World Health Organization declared the swine flu outbreak a global pandemic.

Our Department made a statement a few weeks ago that we should be more scared of Dengue as that has more chance of being fatal. This statement has been the immediate retort of people whenever they hear news about swine flu. Several blogger had already dismissed, downplaying the seriousness of the virus.

I am a bit confused on why people don’t take the virus seriously. They know that the virus can easily spread. They know that they would have to quarantine themselves for 10 days should they become infected. They know all that but when you mention how another school has suspended their class, they’ll laugh it off saying that the schools are over-reacting and the “dengue is more dangerous than swine flu”.

Now let me make this clear first, I do believe that Dengue is more dangerous than Swine Flu. Yes, I do but it doesn’t make the swine flu a laughing matter. It is still, at the very least, a highly infectious flu. A flu that would have you miss your work for 10 days. A flu that can put a dent to all your well laid plans for the week.

I’m not telling you to panic or to shut your self from the world until the virus disappears. What I’m telling you is to be a bit more informed on the matter. Know what are the signs and know what to do. It wouldn’t hurt to read and learn more about the virus.

Here are a few information that you might find interesting about the flu:

“Although the pandemic appears to have moderate severity in comparatively well-off countries, it is prudent to anticipate a bleaker picture as the virus spreads to areas with limited resources, poor health care, and a high prevalence of underlying medical problems.”


“Finally, and perhaps of greatest concern, we do not know how this virus will behave under conditions typically found in the developing world. To date, the vast majority of cases have been detected and investigated in comparatively well-off countries.”                                          -World Health Organization

Click here for the full article.

Here is the article from Mayo Clinic for more information on identifying and other stuff about the Swine Flu.


Again, let me reiterate, I am not telling you to start panicking, I am telling you to start taking it seriously and read about it.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

6 Responses to A(H1N1) Virus: Overrated or Underrated?

  1. PS3Fanboy says:

    Bottom line. Just keep your guard up and eat right. No swine flu or Dengue will bring down a defense well towered up.

  2. June says:

    Well, look, this virus is dropping perfectly healthy people. The media gives us “underlying conditions” but those underlying conditions happen to be pneumonia *cough* cytokine storm *cough* or something related. It’s much more dangerous than we’re being lead to believe.

  3. Apparently even those 25 deaths were because the people had underlying medical conditions.The government overexagerated H1N1 because they wanted to prevent the disaster of more deaths because of carelessness and ignorence. Most people arent even bothering to get the shot. If you are healthy, the chances that you will die from swine flu are one to ten thousand.The part of the swine flu that i am most shocked at is that it affects the elderly the least.The WHO has exagerated the swine flu so much, that in some parts of ireland and greece, you get arrested if you do not get the shot.

  4. About 40% of that 1% was from mexico.

  5. What is Dengue?
    My name gets run over by my comment…

  6. One of the reasons that everybody laughs off swine flu is because the world health organisation estimated that the swine flu was an h5 type virus and planned for (and dreaded)that. It could have just as easily picked up more genes that would have made it more severe. The swine flu originated in a few different cases, but the one that i most commonly hear, is a boy in wisconsin helped his brother in-law slaughter 31 pigs. After that, he kept a chicken in his house for a few weeks. a few days later, he walked into a clinic with the flu. He recovered in three days, but what had the doctors puzzled was the flu itself, it seemed to be a mix of human flu, a flu that commonly infected pigs and a bird flu. This was one of the early evolutions of swine flu.

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