Review: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen



Well, not really awesome, but it’s probably better than the first one.

The first few days of its showing, critics everywhere panned the movie. This has serve as a sign that the movie is going to be at least decent. You see, I have this uneasy feeling whenever a film is liked by critics. Fan-based movies that are praised by critics  usually means “Harry Potter 3” quality. Yes, I hate that movie.

I am not saying that the critics do not know what they are doing. It’s just that they are not fans.

Critics are saying that the movie has no depth, I say fuck depth. There are more things in the movie that I am more concerned with than depth.

First of all, yes, Starscream is a freaking coward, but he doesn’t cower to Megatron, well not in the manner shown in the movie.

Also, as a Hollywood movie, it is necessary to add Autobots with ghetto vocabulary to show that there are blacks among Autobots. As the “Not another teen movie” said, every movie should have an iconic black guy.

Lastly, couldn’t they make Devastator walk upright? And balls? WTF!

So what did I like about the movie? Well, more robots! And more robot fights! And lots of Megan Fox! And more robot chatters! And lots of Megan Fox!

I hope that Harry Potter 6 would also be panned by critics. That is usually a good sign for us fans.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

3 Responses to Review: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

  1. mikepopo says:

    Yeah, black robots talking. They sounded like Puff daddy’s posse

  2. carl says:

    about the black robots thingy, the thing is, some blacks used the racist card against it! they said that the robots are playing on black stereotypes.

    i being a casual to a non-fan of transformers, i actually like the movie… from the terminator girl to national treasures, from the war movie vibes to gundam optimus prime, hehehe.. my officemate who’s a fan actually didn’t like the movie.. most of the fans i know didn’t like it much though, i don’t know with them..

    they really put a lot of fan-service in the movie, that’s one thing, hehehe.. and lots of robots fight..

    as a non-transformer guy, i enjoyed the movie.

    • rayanami says:

      What didn’t they like? The lack of depth or the fact that the humans still outnumbers the robots?

      Honestly though, my friends and I who are transformer fans, has a lot of bad things to say about the movie. But it isn’t the lack of depth in the story.

      Me and my friends all agree that this one is better than the first. More robots, more robot fights. But we also want more robots and more robot fights on the next movie.

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