Asian Poses

If you like cute Asian girls then this is for you. Asian Poses is a website dedicated in showing different poses when getting a picture taken. The majority of the girls that perform the poses are Koreans with some Japanese and Chinese.

The author names a pose and post pictures of cute Asian girls doing the pose. Their list includes Salute pose, Okay pose, and my personal favorite, the Nyan Nyan pose or the cat girl pose (paws ^_^).

They also put Pose Challenge where readers can send their pictures of them doing the pose. This is where you can see non-Korean, non-Japanese, and non-Chinese do the poses.

The site is safe for work (SFW) so no need to worry about ITs snooping on your browsing.

Just a warning though, don’t watch the video of Girl’s Generation – Gee or you’ll be watching that video for the entire day.

I’ll end this post with the video mentioned above. Play at your own risk.


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