Flesh Asia Daily, Jester in Exile, and the Moralist who hates them

You might have heard that the owner of Flesh Asia Daily has been apprehended for violating Article 201 of the revised penal code. Below is a copy of the Article:

Art. 201. Immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions and indecent shows. — The penalty of prision mayor or a fine ranging from six thousand to twelve thousand pesos, or both such imprisonment and fine, shall be imposed upon:
(1) Those who shall publicly expound or proclaim doctrines openly contrary to public morals;
(2) (a) the authors of obscene literature, published with their knowledge in any form; the editors publishing such literature; and the owners/operators of the establishment selling the same;
(b) Those who, in theaters, fairs, cinematographs or any other place, exhibit, indecent or immoral plays, scenes, acts or shows, whether live or in film, which are prescribed by virtue hereof, shall include those which

(1) glorify criminals or condone crimes;
(2) serve no other purpose but to satisfy the market for violence, lust or pornography;
(3) offend any race or religion;
(4) tend to abet traffic in and use of prohibited drugs; and
(5) are contrary to law, public order, morals, and good customs, established policies, lawful orders, decrees and edicts;

(3) Those who shall sell, give away or exhibit films, prints, engravings, sculpture or literature which are offensive to morals.

The accused was named Mike Chanco and he has also posted his side of the story. I would have provided you the link but since his site is NSFW, I’ll post a copy later in this article.

Now, last July 14, 2009, a certain lawyer-blogger (I thought he was a lawyer) under the pseudonym Jester in Exile posted a few points on how the NBI had a few blunders on the arrest and on the charge itself. Click here for the full article of his arguments. I read his article and I agree with him. Legally, Mike Chanco has done nothing wrong and if proven, Mike Chanco should not be punished by the justice system.

Reading the comments area of that article, an anonymous poster claims that Mike Chanco is a perverted man and hence should not have any rights and should be imprisoned for the rest of his worthless life (Yes, I’m exaggerating a bit). He/she has also said that since Jester is defending Mike Chanco then he is equally perverted.

Now I may agree that, morally, Mike Chanco has done something wrong and hence should be punished accordingly but the question is, if he is morally wrong, who should give the punishment? It won’t be the justice system nor the government as they deal with legality. The punishment should come to those who demands of us to have a good moral character, our religion. So how does our religion punishes immoral people? Since I am a Catholic, I only know how we deal with sinners and immoral people and that is we preach to them, teach them how to correct themselves, have them realize their mistakes and confess.

But Squared, what if he is an unrepentant sinner?

Then I ask of you, what does the Catholic Church do with unrepentant sinner? We’d be patient and continue to teach him the error of his way, we pray to God to help this unrepentant sinner to see the light.

So am I saying that we should do the same treatment to the rapists, murderers, terrorists, etc.?

Yes, that is the Catholic way, we do not stone them to death, we do not hang them, or burn them at the stake.

HOWEVER we do have a legal system here, and should they be found guilty of breaking an existing law, then they would be punished accordingly. That is the beauty of this relationship. We keep our morals and the legal system will take care of lawbreakers.

YES, sometimes the system is flawed but, as we’ve learned in our religion class, God will judge all of us in the end and God knows all. There will be no lawyering bullshits.

How dare you twist our religion and morality to accommodate your wishes!

No, I am not twisting our doctrines for my own gain (as I am admittedly a FAD frequenter). See my point here is Mike Chanco will be punished by the justice system if he has broken any existing law, and Mike Chanco will be punished by God if he has broken His commandments. This statement is somewhat the same with the story of Christ where someone asks him if they should pay the taxes for Caesar. Jesus answered that give to Caesar what is due to Caesar, and give to God what is due to God.

So Mr. Anonymous, congratulations for just becoming the poster child of the Christian stereotypes (Narrow-minded zealots).

As promised, here is Mike Chanco’s letter:

Hello, people. My name is JB Lazarte. The past week, news reports named me “Jobart,” “Jobert,” or “Joe Bert.” Last Friday afternoon, some NBI dude with a gun just called me “Sit The Fuck Down.” Cool name, if you ask me. Sounds like an Indian, like Mr Two Dogs Fuckingyou see on the Error 500 page. But most of you — in fact, all except maybe 18 of you — knew me by my pseudonym of Mike Chanco. It was a tongue-in-cheek play on Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco. No, I’m not a hardcore GMA-7 Kapuso. I rarely watch the television machine at all, except only whenever Marian Rivera appears and says cute things like, “Maintain!” I had chosen “Mike Chanco” simply because I didn’t like the sound of “Henry Omaga Sison-Livingstone.”

That being said, here’s some real, real stuff about me you probably should know before all those news reports and NBI press releases repeat themselves enough to begin sounding like the truth.

Basically, I’ve always been a writer. Aside from FAD, I also writeSkirmisher and The Spinal Tap. I was a student paper editor back in college who abused my little clout to still get grades even without attending most of my classes. Sometime in the 1990s, some people thought I wrote well enough that they sent me to Rome, Italy to help in saving the world from global hunger. Instead, I spent that jolly good time chasing skirts, specifically that of one cute Japanese girl. Or stealing silver crucifixes. Later, I would move on to writing some poetry and short stories. My first few “publishable” verses appeared in the now-defunct Pen and Ink, some occasionally appeared in the Inquirer’s Sunday magazine. I wrote stories that appeared in, say, thePhilippine Graphic and the Philippines Free Press. My story “The Folly Parade” was included in the University of the Philippines’Likhaan Anthology in 2001. In 2006, my story “Blind Spot” landed second place in the Philippines Free Press Annual Literary Awards. But after that, I sort of stopped writing fiction — I promised myself I should top “Blind Spot” and write something longer, like a novel. But three years since — now in 2009 — I’m writing this shit blog post instead at the NBI office while waiting for my lunch. There’s dark comedy there somewhere.

As you know, Flesh Asia Daily — the original one I set up on Blogger.com — happened in April 2007. Back then it was nothing hardcore. Just girls in bikinis. The first posts were mostly pictures and almost no text. Like most bloggers, it was just a hobby, something you did when you’re not working or not watching grass grow. Little did I know that it would actually grow big enough to force me to migrate it to its own server, then adopting the WordPress platform. I called this one FAD 2.0, and it was the version that began to have adult content. Edison Chen’s scandals happened and I just couldn’t turn away from it. Nudity eventually became regular fare, along with the usual sex scandals committed by celebrities and comon folks. By April 2009, I was thinking of shutting it down. There was some real work coming, plus the fact that I’m a couple of years behind writing that promised novel, so I seriously thought FAD 2.0 — the popular adult-oriented blog my little hobby has become — can be shut down, or perhaps sold to someone with bigger balls.

But then came Hayden Kho.

Then came Katrina Halili.

Then came last Friday.

Holy mother of fuck.

Before the NBI entered my life in such a cinematic primetime news-worthy fashion, the “wildest most action-y” thing I had ever experienced was taking a dump at a fast food joint then leaving without flushing it. Or peeing in the shower. Or telling Christopher Walken that his smile frightens the beejesus out of me, via email. One moment you were wondering how to spend the rest of the sleepy afternoon, the next moment there was this huge NBI person with a bad-ass gun screaming at me to sit or else, with all those camera people and ABS-CBN’s Maan Macapagal taking it all in. Nope, we weren’t “manufacturing pornographies,” as some early news reports said. What I was doing in fact, and this everybody and his cousin failed to mention, was that they caught me doing the “unspeakably horrible” act of playing Guitar fucking Hero. Worse, not only was I playing Guitar Hero, I was doing it at medium difficulty! So how pussier could you get? The “Sultan of Sleaze,” who’s so evil he allegedly was the first to upload those Hayden Kho videos, who apparently has “connections”  with certain criminal elements, who “manufactured pornographies,” was caught negotiating the guitar riffs of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.” Jesus fucking christ. If I hadn’t been so nervous about having firearms in my mother’s house, I’d have been laughing on the floor laughing like crazy.

Later, in the middle of all the chaos, I saw Maan Macapagal in a corner writing her news report. I saw some “outrageous inaccuracies,” and so felt the need to “correct” her on the spot. I told her FAD was not getting “20,000 hits a day,” thank you very much, but “60,000 unique visitors” before the sex video mess came out. But I didn’t correct Maan when she wrote FAD has been getting 1.2 million page views since the scandal emerged. Of course, it was a grossly inaccurate number, but my “morbid pride” outweighed my “devotion” to accuracy this time, so I let it slide.

I caught a glimpse of my brother glaring at me from a corner, telepathically sending me the message, “What the fuck are you doing, giving interviews?” I shrugged. I later nudged him and said, “Bro, Maan Macapagal’s cute pala!”

My brother stared at me in disbelief. “We’re in the middle of all this mess, the NBI taking us out, and here you’re still thinking, ‘Maan Macapagal’s cute pala‘? Jesus.”

I said, “Bro, focus. Focus on the more important things.” But then I stopped because he was right and I was being ridiculous.

We were under custody of the NBI at their main office from Friday night to Wednesday evening. To be fair, we were treated well. I could even say the NBI agents were very friendly and accommodating and they seemed people I could have been friends with had we met under different circumstances. But still, they charged me — not with illegal possession of sheer awesomeness — but with violation of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code, something about engaging in “obscene publications.” Personally, I find that incredibly ridiculous, probably one of the main reasons why Shakespeare invented the oft-used question “What the fuck?” But it is very important to note that this case is a really new thing — this is probably the very first time in this country that a website (which is not even physically located in the Philippines) was charged with Article 201 violation. Maybe this is your very own local version of The People Vs. Larry Flynt, only less fun and more gut-wrenching. This is so new that maybe if we actually lose in this case, it may serve as a basis for future shit. Really murky shit.

So the whole point of this blog post is this: I currently have more nuts up my ass than a fucking fruitcake. I’m in need of some money. Thanks to the huge, insane publicity the NBI’s “invitation for questioning” has generated for us, I’ve lost most of my clients. Now I have to defend myself in court just to prove how wrong they actually are in trying to bring something like FAD down. People who think an adult-oriented celebrity news site should be eliminated are people who are grossly ignorant of online culture, including its attendant freedoms. Incidentally, such people have become FAD’s opponents. This might turn out to be a historical case. So don’t let the bullshit-peddlers win.

Anyone who may want to help, I’d be grateful. Donate any amount — five pesos, 20, 1000, I don’t care, just participate will you — to the bank account below. Then email me at jblazarte@gmail.com so I can thank you all in future blog posts. If you want to remain anonymous, I’d respect that, too. Any money received shall be used in funding the legal battle we’re currently faced with.

Meanwhile, FAD will soldier on as long as we can.

For your For The Win donations:


Branch: Bacoor, Cavite

Account name: Joe Bert Lazarte

Type: Savings

Number: 195-3-19515093-2

PS: Thanks hugely to “thegreatest” for tenaciously holding fort while I was out. You’ve been totally awesome, dude.

PPS: Just a quick answer to some who emailed, I admit I also wroteThe Skirmish of Dark and Light. Even now, I still wax nostalgic whenever I recall attempting to revise the Bible and making it into a “comedy of epic proportions. Now that I suddenly have lots of free time vis-a-vis my loss of clients, I might just restart doing it, just for shits. Also, here’s a quick riposte on what that naughty, exciteable kid wrote, for your information.

[Update: This post is a “sticky” and shall remain on top throughout the duration of the case filed against FAD, which may or may not last eight centuries. You have to scroll down to see the new blog posts. Those who may want to send donations thru Paypal, just email me atjblazarte@gmail.com. Thanks for all the support, people.]


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

7 Responses to Flesh Asia Daily, Jester in Exile, and the Moralist who hates them

  1. a correction, please — i’m not a lawyer. 😀

    • rayanami says:

      Ah hehe, well you seem knowledgeable enough so I thought you were. In any case, since I have you reading this, let me just say that the article was very informative and has confirmed my doubts about the case.

      • my thanks. may i say that you are completely on the mark by implying that due process is caesar’s, and must be given to him.

  2. OneTamad says:

    It’s comforting to know that not all Catholics are zealots. As a Catholic struggling to get back on track, I’m glad that one doesn’t have to be one to follow Christ.

    • i once heard a priest/ ride-buddy say ruefully that zealotry is overcompensating for a weak faith and a poor understanding of one’s beliefs. might explain some of the phenomena we’re seeing.

  3. M!kester says:

    What do you expect from a country whose leader is also a law breaker?

  4. yellowbolls says:

    xchange links naman po thnax
    deathbyporno blogspot com

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