Spoiler/Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Before anything else about the actual movie, let me just put into writing a few pre-watching-the-movie sentiments. I was kind of sad as I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews from critics that the movie was great. As you may know, I usually experience the opposite as to how critics judge a movie.  I don’t want the sixth movie to be another utter failure like the third.

Well, after watching the movie, I would say that the sixth movie was not a disappointment. But not something that I am too happy about either.

The movie was directed by David Yates,  the same one for the fifth movie and would also direct the seventh and eighth, so we’re stuck with him for the rest of the Harry Potter saga.

The sixth movie has a lot of parts that weren’t in the book. Strangely, some of these scenes didn’t have any sort of impact to the main story. One part that was added was during their Christmas vacation, some death eaters (Bellatrix and Fenrir) attacked the Weasley’s burrow. A ring of fire was first set around the burrow and Bellatrix showed herself so as to bait Harry to pursue him. She was successful as Harry charged after her.

So now that she is at the mercy of Bellatrix (she being a prodigous wizard, Harry is effectively a free-kill). So what devious deed does she have in store for Harry? Nothing actually. She just casted some spells on him and Ginny (who was able to follow Harry, unlike the other 4 of-age wizards, one of them was even an auror). There were no unforgivable curse, no signs of them trying to abduct Harry. And then when the rest of the ‘adults’ came, they just apparated away but not before casting a fireball of sorts to the burrow. The adults reaction to this was to run back to the burrow. Let me repeat, RUN BACK! Are they wizards or what? They can apparate back to the burrow in a jiffy. They’ve shown in the fifth installment that they can do the white smoke thingy transport spell. And after that event, did it have any effect on the overall story? Were there further discussion of the event? None.

Now adding some scene not from the book is fine with me. Even the unessential ones. But if they can show this useless-to-the-story scene, why couldn’t they show us the Hogwarts battle scene or even the Funeral of Dumbledore. The fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore, back in the fifth movie, was my favorite part. It seems they didn’t like it as well as I did.

And Snape didn’t even get to say the “DO NOT CALL ME A COWARD!!!” line whch IMO, was a giveaway to readers that there was more to his actions than what it seems.

Oh by the way, let me be the first one to say (well hopefully first one to say), that Harry, the talented seeker, the once every hundred years, full of potential, started playing quidditch while a freshman, Potter has not won a single quidditch cup in the movie storyline. On the third movie, the director that should have lost his directing license (if there is such a thing, LOL) gave us the match where Harry loses to Hufflepuff because of the dementors and the scene with Harry receiving the Firebolt and doing that “teen movie cliche” scene. On the fifth movie, no quidditch was shown and on the sixth movie, they just showed the Ron kicking ass match and that’s it.

Also, on just watching it once, I’ve already made a list of inconsistencies and criticism.

  1. They went to Diagon Alley without an escort nor an adult. Everyone is scared since the Dark Lord is back that they were forced to close their shops and yet we see three underage wizard of whom one of them is of great interest of the Dark Lord without any escort or being under the invisibility cloak.
  2. The death eaters, wanted by the ministry and the rest of the wizarding community, held their meeting and Malfoy’s initiation rites on a very public place. And the three lead characters saw all these and didn’t bother to report it to anyone.
  3. When Katie Bell was cursed, Hagrid came to the scene in a calm manner. Picked up Katie Bell’s body without any sense of urgency that he has displayed in the book.
  4. When Harry was talking to Mr. Weasley privately, he informed Harry that they did check out Borgin and Burkes and found the vanishing cabinet. He explained to Harry how it worked. And yet they weren’t able to put two and two together on how Malfoy would use the cabinet.
  5. The fucking quidditch armored uniforms suck.
  6. Upon seeing Dumbledore’s corpse, Hagrid just stood there looking solemn. So unlike the Hagrid in the book.
  7. On the entire movie, Dumbledore has not mentioned to Harry his theory what the other Horcruxes were. There was no mention of Helga’s cup nor Nagini being far too intelligent than a regular snake.
  8. As far as I remember, the Tom on Horace’s memory and the Tom that appeared from the diary are just a year or two apart, age-wise. Why couldn’t they just have gotten the Tom from movie 2? He was more suited for it than the retard that they got for movie six.
  9. No mention of Fleur in the movie so I guess there will be no wedding on movie. Yay, they would have to think of another reason for Harry to decide to go to Lovegood for advice on the Deathly Hallows symbol.
  10. You can get detention by speaking up in a rude manner in class, being out of the castle at night or for being late. You won’t get detention however by casting a dark magic, one which causes the victim to have multiple slashing type of wound, on your classmate.

The only thing good about the movie was the absence of vegetarian vampires that glows. That would have been the most appalling thing to include in any movie.


Emma Watson was HOT and has shown more skin in this movie than of previous movies >:)

I may watch the movie again because I missed the first 15minutes because of traffic and also to see Emma Watson again.



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3 Responses to Spoiler/Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

  1. reizencroft says:

    Pretty much expected. Too bad you had to take the day off watching a half baked movie.

  2. Bloodborne says:

    Lol. The retard playing the young Voldemort was Ralph Fiennes nephew. 🙂 I believe they chose him because he supposedly would’ve looked like young Ralph Fiennes (thus young Voldemort).

  3. carl says:

    Tom Riddle was supposed to be charming, convincing, someone other students idolize and/or fear. The Tom in the movie seems like an annoying snob, and gives an effeminate vibe. So far from the great portrayal of Tom in the second movie.

    Anyway, isn’t it odd that critics tend to love the HP movies that many fans and casual watchers do not like that much?

    I’m hearing a lot of complaints, mostly from those who didn’t read the book, that the movie was boring.

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