GDAP Block Preview Week: Day 1

Hi all! Today marks the first day of the 10 day GDAP Block preview for my home made Magic the Gathering block.

First off, I’d like to give some background story on the development and some other useful information so that non-GDAP people would understand some of the inside jokes.

I’ve been working for the game development industry since 2005 and I have met a lot of people in the community. Some I got along and some I didn’t get along. In any case, if you had been an avid follower of House of Squared, you should know by now who the former and the latter is.

And so to poke some fun on the people that I love and hate, I created a Magic set symbolizing each and everyone of them.

And so let’s start first with the hardest to design:

The Greatest

The reason I had a difficult time designing this card is because there was just too many flavorful bits that I wanted to include in the card. There’s the mushroom tree, the chainmail-bearing ninja, the all-90-degree-turn racetrack, and a lot of other things. In the end, I decided to not put all of those in and opted to include all the good qualities that he possess (Yes, I do believe that he has some good qualities).

So let’s start from the top. The mana cost for The Greatest is three black mana. I don’t think an explanation on why it’s black is needed.

He is a legendary creature. As he has gain infamy with my friends, I deemed him worthy of the legendary title.

He has an upkeep cost of three black mana. Which means that you can only play him on a black intensive decks which translates to him not being compatible working for other companies.

His second ability translate to him being the shining beacon of all the AGI people. As the AGI people rely on him to relay their grievances to the management, I gave all of them exalted as they give their support to him which makes him much more stronger. The fact that all the other AGI creatures cannot attack while he is around is because they won’t take any form of offensive as long as he is around.

His last ability where if he dies, all other AGI creature dies lies on the fact that AGI has become reliant of his talent and that they simply cannot bear to exist without their leader.

His power and toughness has no meaning, it’s just there for balancing purposes.

So that’s it for the first day of preview. I hope you enjoyed it. Visit tomorrow for the next preview card. Clue: He’s a former AE who now works abroad.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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