Cory Aquino: January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009

As soon as I got my hands on a computer, I went to my blog site to make a post about Cory Aquino. I typed the title at around 2pm but it took me 2 hours before I was able to write a single word.

I just couldn’t think of how to start this post. Cory has been the shining beacon of democracy for our country. She was the epitome of a good and honest leader. And while some of her decisions as the president were not the best move, I don’t believe any of it has been for her personal interest.

I was 4 when the 1986 EDSA revolution happened. I was shouting “Marcos! Marcos!” at the town’s plaza in Jaro, Iloilo. My uncle got me to shut up. You see, my grandfather was a die hard Marcos-fan and as the first grandchild, I was very close to him during those times. And while the rest of his children and my grandmother were for Cory, they never talk about it much at home so as not to offend my grandfather who was already 80 years old then. My father got me converted to become a Cory fan. He was also a former Marcos fan before martial law (actually most of my relatives were Marcos loyalist before Martial Law) but a few incidents during Marcos’ regime got my father to change his view.

Cory Aquino with Cardinal Sin has led the Filipinos in the removal of a dictator and helped in the toppling of a corrupt and immoral president and for that I would be forever grateful. I just hope that we won’t waste all of her accomplishment for our country.

Rest in peace Cory Aquino. You are in a better place now.

Events like this makes me frustrated on my writing ineptness. I feel that I should be able to make an article worthy of her greatness. But as I am more of an I.T. than a writer, I’ll just end my crappy writings with links to articles that, I feel, are better:,8599,1914125-1,00.html (A question ended this article: But Filipinos must now take stock. Whom will they march with now that their saint has gone to meet her God?) (Article by former Senator Franklin Drilon)


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