GDAP Block Preview Week: Day 6

Sorry for the late post. Two excuses. One is I forgot to give the cards to be previewed by the guest writers and two, I’ve been very busy the whole day to do it myself.

Now that the work load has subsided, let us continue with our preview for today.


Jei Vencer

So we have another rare black card by the name of Jei Vencer. As you can see, he has no mana cost which should signify that he seldom come with us during BBBKB™. He only does during very special condition which should explain the special way on how he is to be played.

Stated that you can only play Jei Vencer when your life is exactly six life, that condition is not something that you can easily set up.

You can only play him when you have exactly six life and he has a power and toughness of six. Some might think that he is the same as that of The Answer. He’s not.

The number signifies the Sixth floor of our former building. See, our building only has 14 floors (with no 4th floor and 13th floor due to superstitious beliefs) and most of the residents inside are males. The only place that has more girls than boys is the sixth floor.

So being the <sarcasm> suave dashing lady’s men that we are </sarcasm>, we stop the elevator on sixth floor, hold it open, and shout in unison the name “JEI VENCER”. Derek would then hold the open button of the elevator for an extended period so the rest of us does an about face until Derek gets tired of holding the button.

This display of <sarcasm> complete manliness </sarcasm> went on for more than a year. We were surprised that we never got a memo from the building management.

So there you go, the sixth card preview. For the seventh card preview, we have our first guest writer. He’ll be previewing a common instant card from blue.


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