The Popular Stand

It’s less than a year until the 2010 elections and the candidates are making their political stands. We’ll often hear how they’ll stand for the poor, the oppressed, the Filipino masses.

One of the promises that caught my attention is Senator Jamby Madrigal’s statement. At a forum for presidential aspirants hosted by the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines, Senator Jamby claims that “BPOs have made us a cheap country”.

According to ABS-CBN News, the senator has all but slammed globalization and related industries, including the much-touted business process outsourcing. She says these have not generated wealth for the country, but brought wealth to other nations.

I fear this statement, as I work for an outsourcing game development company. If she is against BPO, what is she going to do about it when she is in power? Increase the taxes? Push for a significant salary increase for their employees? Or abolish them entirely?

Call Centers, AFAIK, is classified as a BPO and ever since its inception, it has provided high paying jobs (higher than our teachers) to undergrads and high school grads. Of course, the salary is dwarfed by their US counterparts, but why would you compare? Isn’t that the main point of outsourcing?

I just hope that she’ll make it clear on what she plans to do about BPOs. And also what have she already done as a senator about the matter.

Another stand of hers is the sin taxes. A study commissioned by her office reveals only the poor are affected by such a measure.

“I am all for taxing the rich, but right now it is only the poor feeling the brunt of the increases,” she points out.

Products included in the sin tax law are cigarettes, alcohols, liquors, and spirits (whatever that is).

If increasing the taxes to these vices affects the poor, then I must say, I am all for it. Really, what good does purchasing any of these do to us, especially if you are tight on funds? I do drink alcohols but I am not about to spend my budget for food just for me to buy one.

Another presidentiable that has been making stands which would be popular to the masses is Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero. On the same source as above, Sen. Chiz said that if he wins, there would be no tax hike. Instead, he will focus on stopping corruption which eats an approximate Php 300 billion of our annual budget.

If he can do this, I’ll say that Chiz is the next best thing after Cory. Unfortunately, we would have to elect him first before we can see whether he can actually do it and I am not going to vote for him unless he can show a believable plan of action on how he’ll do it. And even then, I still might not as I am not a fan of people who believes that Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry is not an essential High School subject.


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