Doy Deja Vu and the Presidentiables

Mar Roxas steps aside as the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate to support Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy for president. Deja Vu?

More than 2 decades ago, a certain Doy Laurel did the same thing. In light of national clamor for Cory to run as president, Doy Laurel moved from a presidential candidate to a vice-presidential one. History repeating itself does not lessen my awe in this turn of events.

Mar Roxas has spent probably more or less some hundreds of millions in his bid for candidacy. He has declared his desire for candidacy since AFAIK last 2007. The millions he spent only to withdraw and run for a lower post is something that would hurt.

In my opinion, Mar is the most qualified candidate. Others are just riding their popularity. Others may have the plight of the poor in heart but does not have the necessary skills (or intelligence, LOL). And though I would not have voted for him had he pushed through and voted for Villar instead (who I think is the next most capable), it is not because there’s something wrong with Mar. More of something wrong with his wife. Now that he’s running for Vice, I would definitely vote for him.

The question is, would I vote for Noynoy?

I have a list of qualities that I would like to see in a presidentiable. In order of importance:

  1. Will sue GMA’s ass
  2. Will not grant pardon if she is convicted
  3. Will lead by example
  4. Will sue FG’s ass
  5. Will not grant pardon if he is convicted

As you can see, I set the bar low. Low expectation equals less disappointment.

So let’s breakdown the candidates:

  1. Noli de Castro – No, No, Maybe, No, No
  2. Manny Villar – Maybe, Maybe, Yes, Maybe, Maybe
  3. Mar Roxas – Yes, Maybe, Yes, Maybe, Maybe
  4. Joseph Estrada – Maybe, No, No, Maybe, No
  5. Noynoy Aquino – Yes, Maybe, Yes, Maybe, Maybe

Right now, Noynoy seems to be my best choice. I’ll most probably vote for him though that may change. But for those who says he is still raw, well, honestly, qualification-wise, he’s better than Cory and Cory was a great president. Also, right now we need a president with good moral fiber seeing that the last president is a worst Marcos.

We’ll see though.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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