SNSD: Girl’s Generation 2

I know this is my third post related solely to SNSD but I just can’t stop promoting them. I mean, if we’re going to import Korean songs anyway, might as well import something that has more musical value than Sexbomb’s Spaghetti song, repetitive lines and all. Anyway, here is another video of SNSD. This is a pre-Genie, pre-Gee song. I think the song was released last year.

IMO, they’re much prettier here. I don’t know why but just their natural looks has really won me over. Anyway, here’s the video of SNSD – Girl’s Generation:

This would probably be my last post about SNSD. I’ll probably just upload a bunch of high quality videos of theirs for your viewing pleasure. Just wait for the links to appear on the left sidebar area.


HQ videos are now available! Look for the link on my Download area


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2 Responses to SNSD: Girl’s Generation 2

  1. PS3Fanboy says:

    If you understand the lyrics, they are at par or just a notch higher than our novelties. 🙂 Yes that includes any other girl/boy bands from South Korea. Count how many times they sang “Sa rang hae” during a song and you’ll throw up cheese hahahaha. I bet half of the Koreans would rather listen to backstreet boys hahaha.

    But props to the composers and the choreographers for taking time in thinking of a viral choreography and tune. And the surgeons/makeup artists AND to them for the aesthetics. God knows what they gone thru under the knife and how many syringes of Glutathione they had to take to have that goddess smooth skin. For that I salute them 🙂

  2. SNSD fighting says:

    The song was actually composed by the korean legend lee heung chul (not sure with the spelling), so this is just a revival or a cover..

    Many non-korean fans do check the translation of lyrics.. Yes, maybe a bit like novelty songs (but not all i guess). Most fans would probably agree that the music/song is not just the reason for their idol fandom.

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