Bayani Fernando: My Former Favorite Government Official

The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Bayani Fernando, former mayor of Marikina and the current MMDA chairman, walked out of the party meeting after his rival, Gilbert Teodoro Jr. was selected as the standard bearer of the Lakas through a secret balloting. Radio dzBB’s Denver Trinidad quoted a party official member as saying that the voting results were 44-5 in favor of Teodoro. The official declined to be named.

Now we hear Bayani is appealing to his party-mates to reconsider and says that his rival has joined the party late. He also added that Gilbert did not bring any resources or people with him when he joined.

Well, that’s good news I think for the opposition. Should Bayani be bitter enough of the result of the secret ballot, he might just do what former defense secretary Renato De Villa did and form his own party. I guess self-interest is not only prevalent with the opposition but also with the administration.

I can’t say I was surprised by the way BF (Bayani Fernando) behaved. In the past couple of years, I’ve been witnessing how uncompromising and bull-headed he is.

I used to admire BF. Before he became mayor of Marikina, the city was one ot the dirtiest among the cities in Metro Manila. When he became the Mayor, all of that changed. Marikina has become one of the cleanest city. When I visited Marikina (my uncle lived there) before he came into power, it was literally a dump. But when I came back during his term, it was clean. Everything is in order. There was also a sports park and the wet market is cleaner than most that I’ve seen. So when he became the MMDA chairman, I expected big things from him.

And he didn’t fail to impress, at least on the first year or two. He has brought order in Metro Manila. Vendors were removed off the sidewalks. Fences were placed on loading areas. I used to remember back in my college days, the loading area for buses in Ayala was always in chaos. But during his time with MMDA, it was orderly.

And then after a couple of years, some complaints has been raised. The concrete barriers are painted black for some reason. The islands placed in the middle of a highway has no warning signs. Ted Failon usually criticize the concrete barriers as they cause vehicular accidents as they are sometimes cloaked in the darkness of the night (Well duh! Painted in black, WTF!?!). He suggested to Bayani to use international standards for road color (red-orange according to Ted). Bayani replied that there is no such thing as an international standard for road sign colors. Ted said fine, just use a bright color so that vehicles would have no problem seeing it in the dark. To this BF replied that if vehicles aren’t driving fast, they would be able to avoid the barriers. Ted was holding back his anger during this time as it was reported earlier that a co-worker of his has died in a motorcycle accident because it slammed into a black-painted concrete barrier.

That story is not the only thing that made me lose my admiration for him. When it was ruled that MMDA enforcers cannot carry firearms, he petitioned for them to be allowed to carry bolos (axe) instead, WTF!?! When it was ruled by the supreme court that MMDA enforcers cannot issue a traffic violation ticket, he went to Malacañang for help. When he started having ambitions to become a president, buses with the sign board BAYANI became a fad for reasons I can only speculate on. Huge billboards of him appeared alongside PGMA stating how he has made Metro Manila cleaner and prettier. His colors of blue and pink can be seen all over the metro.

And now this, after his party-mates voted almost unanimously for his rival, he has thrown another tantrum.

Bayani Fernando: The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be (or at least he thinks he is).


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

9 Responses to Bayani Fernando: My Former Favorite Government Official

  1. bong rodrigues says:

    I still believe in Bayani Fernando.
    I still believe that he is the best man to seat in the Malacanang office. I still believe na may solusyon cya sa mga lumalalang problema ng ating bansa. He is the only politician with the political will to implement the rules and law of the land and he was never afraid to find ways and means to better the lives of the majority. Naniniwala ako na sa disiplina ay magiging pantay pantay ang lahat. Naniniwala pa rin ako sa kakayahan nya at kaalaman nya sa pagresolba ng problema ng bayan.
    Si Ted Failon ewan ko kung ano ang nagawa para tulungan ang bayan kahit na noong nasa kongreso pa cya. Bakit di natin alamin kung bakit nadidisgrasya ang ilan sa mga sinasabi mong concrete barriers, kung di lasing, inaantok, o kaskasero at nakikipagkarerahan sa ibang motorista. Ganyan ang sanhi ng mga disgrasya sa sinasabi mong concrete barriers ayon sa ipinalalabas nila sa tv patrol at bandila na napapanood sa mga telebisyon. The concrete barriers were there for a reason. It was painted with particular colors for a reason. You may not understand the man when he chided he wanted his people to be armed with bolos when their safety was his main concern while doing the right things – giving the sidewalk to the pedestrians. You believed in him but small things can ruin your faith to the things he can do. Nakarinig ka lang ng mga bad comments sa kanya dalidali mo nang binawi ang paghanga at pagtitiwala mo. Arent we all humans and prone to errors din, the same way sa isang public official na tulad ni BF? When he aspired for presidency he did not hesitate because he know he can do something to solve the national problems. He made it known his intention kaya nga maaga pa lang may sticker na sa mga sasakyan na BAYANI ang nakasulat kase naniniwala ang mga naglagay nito sa kakayahan niya bilang pinuno. Noong tumakbo siya bilang alkalde ng marikina ipinaalam nya rin sa buong bayan ng marikina ang kanyang intention na tulungan ang kanyang mga kababayan na magkaroon ng isang maayos na pamamahala. Maraming pulitiko ang kumalaban sa mga polisiya nya na makatao para sa buong mamamayan ng metro manila hindi dahil masama ang kanyang pamamalakad kundi dahil nauungusan sila ni BF sa popularidad. Utak talangka kasi ang karamihan sa ating mga pulitiko. Nang tirahin siya ni Jinggoy tungkol sa cash gift na bigay ng MMF may nakita ba tayong mali sa ginawa nyang pagtanggap nito kung ito naman pala ay ginagawa talaga ng pamunuan ng MMF bilang pagkilala sa malaking tulong na naiambag nya sa grupo. di ba tumahimik din lang si jinggoy?
    I still believe….

    • rayanami says:

      I understand what you mean, honestly as I’ve admired the man before. Yes he has the political will to implement things, which is a very good quality for a leader. However, he should know when to admit mistakes and defeat. Which is also a good quality for a leader. By my account, he has never admitted any of his mistakes.
      As for the concrete barriers, being sleepy is not punishable by death, so the reasoning that it’s okay for them to hit the cleverly camouflaged concrete barrier is something that I cannot accept. Besides, I have had bad experience with it with my dad, who is neither sleepy nor drunk nor speeding. We almost hit a concrete barrier which blocked more than a lane of a highway. Our speed? Between 60-80kph. Fast, maybe but still reasonable. No amount of reasons can ever justify a concrete barrier that is purposely camouflaged. It invites accidents. And is it too much trouble to paint it with bright colors?
      For the bolo-bearing MMDAs, my point is this. We have gun-bearing policemen who undergoes several years of training for proper use of their firearms and we still have irresponsible policemen shooting their guns for mediocre reasons. What more to an MMDA whom I have no idea if they will be given disciplinary courses should they be allowed to carry DEADLY weapons.
      For the bus drivers bearing the Bayani sign, I assure you that not all who carry it believes in him and what he can do for the country.
      Yes we are all humans and are prone to mistakes. In fact, I am sure that I make more mistakes than him. But making mistakes and pretending that is not really a mistake, that I cannot agree on.
      It is not one small thing that ruined my faith in him but a lot of small things that turned bigger.

  2. bong rodrigues says:

    sensha na sa grammatical errors

  3. carl says:

    oh, i used to like bayani too, and actually, until now, i still admire some qualities of him.. but his actions and his views on several issues irked me.. i remember when he commented about the result of the MMFF for the best picture, that it’s not about art but rather to what the masses want. wow, thanks bayani for inspiring movie makers to produce good films

    the concrete barrier thingy, if he can just explain why it’s black and why it’s too much to ask from him to put reflectors on it, then, maybe i’ll understand..

    about the bayani sticker on the buses, ok, this is just a rumor, but “they” said the stickers give the bus exemptions to some violations.

    In the end, I still admire Bayani’s political will and plight for the discipline of the people. Unfortunately, his political will often translates to unreasonable stubbornness on his part. Being a bit open-minded won’t hurt him.

  4. Rico Mario says:

    Black barriers ? mali talaga yun agree ako dapat reflectorized color but just because of this simple correctible mistakes eh I don’t think I would compromise my support for BAYANI FERNANDO mga kapatid ang hirap mag hanap ng HONEST na Leader sa ngayon! Villar? sige iboto nyo kahit ang daming katiwalian.ERAP? Alam nyo na kung anong klaseng tao yan.NoyNoy? anu karanasan nyan pag manage ng isang bansa? Honest siya ,eh yung mga nakapaligid sa kanya?Same people during the time of Tita Cory na mga nag DADASAL muna bago mag nakaw.BIGo este GIBO? Cojuangco rin yan na napakalaki ng mga lupain.How can we have genuine Land Reform?How can we lower the cost of farm products & increase the income of our Farmers by increasing the productivity or output of our Agri Lands kung untouchable ang Land owners?Elite yang mga yan , anu pakialam niyan sa Poverty alliviation? Chiz? same Banana, Cojuangco rin yan.Look at his own province 50% living below poverty line.Iboboto mo pa rin itong mga ito? Or we’ll give BF a chance to Re-engineer our country.Ikaw rin, Its Now Or Never.Let us all be OBJECTIVE in choosing our President come 2010.Future ng mga anak at apo natin ang nakasalalay dito.Isip Isippppppp!

    • rayanami says:

      Yes, simple correctible mistake lang sya and of course we all make mistake. But he refuses to admit his mistake and correct it. That I think is a good sign of a bad leader.

      Kahit sinong presidente pa o sino mang government officials e magkakamali from time to time. Ang importante, alam na nagkamali sya at aayusin nya ang pagkakamali nya, di yung pagpipilitang itama ang mali.

  5. carl says:

    and how can we (or more of “you”) be so trusting in Bayani’s honesty and integrity?

    honestly, i’m not yet sure if i’ll go for noynoy but between him and bayani, i’ll go for noynoy.

    and bayani joining celebrity duets? one would have expected better from a gov. official.. trapo much?

  6. Noynoy & Gibo are both Cojuangco’s, elite, burgis,Family who owns more than 20,000 hectares of land.Anu pa magagawa ng mga iyan kundi protektahan na lang yan.Walang experience sa Public admin yang mga yan.aasa lang sa advisers yan.If they’re excellent Lawyers,I suggest palitan nila sila Lito,Bong at Migz sa Senado.We need a leader like Bayani Fernando w/ strong political will,Honest,Matalino, masipag,may vission & the capability to Re- Engineer our beloved country.

    • rayanami says:

      Being rich and from an elite family doesn’t mean that you won’t have the country’s interest in mind.

      As for Bayani, I agree that he has a very strong political will (it can be argued that he has too much political will). Honest, I believe so. Matalino (intelligent), hmm…black concrete barriers, I’m not so sure on this one. Vision? Everyone has vision. Capability to re-engineer our beloved country? Re-engineer to what?

      In any case, there’s no point in beating a dead horse. It’s over. He’s not even in the running anymore as far as I can tell.

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