Moving Office: What to do before the move

Today, I am going to talk about things to do before an office move. I will discuss all the things that I think I did right and wrong. A disclaimer though, I have only been involved in an office move once so the experience may vary. Also, I am only discussing what an Office manager and IT will have to do.

First off, let me give you guys a quick description of our office. We have less than a hundred Desktop PCs, tables, and chairs. We have a server cabinet housing all of the server (duh!). We have a pantry and several sensitive devices for development. We are moving to another office, roughly 2-3 kilometers away.

As we are a development type of company, we cannot afford to eat up a work day during the move. We have to do it on a weekend and should be fully functional by Monday morning.

With that description and target in mind, let’s move on to the actual list:

  1. Hire a good contractor – no explanation needed here. You need a contractor to set up the new office.
  2. Have your contractor make a time-table – Having a time-table would be really helpful, insist on it. With a time-table, you can check them whenever a “milestone” is scheduled to be done and see whether they are right on schedule.
  3. Make sure that there are penalties for delays – without a threat of incurring huge penalties, your contractor would most definitely take their sweet time in setting up your office. They won’t hire additional men to help if they are behind schedule.
  4. Consult your Internet Service Provider – find out whether it is possible for them to set up on your new office. On how much the transfer cost would be and how long the transfer is going to take. Make sure they submit a time table.
  5. Make sure everything is in order with your old building admin – inform them at least a month before your target move. Ask them for all the things you need to do in order to have a smooth move.
  6. Double check your inventory – even if you do your inventory religiously but if you have the time, check on every item again.
  7. Take home all personal belongings – ask all of your co-workers to take home all their personal belongings a week before the move. This will help in reducing the number of items to worry about.
  8. Buy a lot of bubble wraps and stretch film – for our office, we bought about 200 meters x 1 meter worth of bubble wraps to protect our monitors and servers and other sensitive devices. The stretch films are for the tables and other items that can have scratches during the move. Also, packaging tapes, lots of it. Oh, and boxes, lots of them.
  9. Prepare seating arrangement – very important especially if a lot of employees have different functions and projects. Also, place identification tags on the PCs.
  10. Make a time table – make sure you make a time table too. List what time you will have people go home, what time you’ll start packing, what time the trucks arrive, how long your contractor can set up the tables, how many people do you need and how long before you can get everything fully functional.

That’s all that I can remember of what I did and didn’t do. Hopefully it has been helpful. I’ll try to do the second part on which I’ll discuss what to do during the move.


I totally forgot this two items:

  • Label the wires on your servers and document them.
  • Buy an external hard drive and have your co-workers backup their emails and other important documents
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