Moving Office: What to do during the move

Welcome to the second part of the Moving Office post. On this article, we will discuss the things that I have done and/or should have done during the move.

To those who are haven’t read the previous article and are too lazy to read back, here is a quick description of our office and our goals:

First off, let me give you guys a quick description of our office. We have less than a hundred Desktop PCs, tables, and chairs. We have a server cabinet housing all the server (duh!). We have a pantry and several sensitive devices for development. We are moving to another office, roughly 2-3 kilometers away.

As we are a development type of company, we cannot afford to eat up a work day during the move. We have to do it on a weekend and the office should be fully functional by Monday morning.

With that said, let’s go over to the list:

  1. Have your co-workers help a little – If you can get them to help you on the entire duration of the move, that would be great. If not, at least ask them to turn off their computers and UPS and AVRs before they leave.
  2. Label the boxes properly – I thought before that labeling the boxes with a description on what’s inside will suffice. It’s not. Also place some sort of control number on it. That way you can track the boxes once its in the new office whether one is missing or not.
  3. Move the servers in parts – Do not move the server cabinet while the servers are inside. Unlatch them and move them separately.
  4. Set up and test the server ASAP – You should prioritize testing the server if it is up to working condition. If something bad should happen on the hardware you can call the 3 hours 24/7 service warranty (provided of course that you weren’t stupid enough not to avail at least that form of support) and they should arrive while you are busy doing item number 5.
  5. Move tables and chairs before the PCs – Tables are disassembled before they are moved and can be re-assembled once it’s on the other office. PCs on the other hand would need the tables in place before you can set it up.
  6. Have 3 trusted people coordinate the move – One should be at the old office to supervise the move and to see if anything is left. The second one should ride with the movers to the other office to make sure the equipment are handled properly. The third should be at the new office to supervise the assembly and placing of tables and other equipment. This is assuming that it would take several trips. If the movers would only need one trip, one would do.
  7. Set up the computers as soon as possible – Once the tables are set and you can set up the PCs, do so. You would need to test the electrical sockets and LAN ports installed as soon as possible. Keep the set up as minimal as possible, just put the UPS, CPU, keyboards, mouse, and monitors. Speakers, headphones, and other peripherals can be placed later.
  8. Lock and secure your doors – make sure everything is securely locked. Hopefully, your contractor is done with everything needed to be fixed.
  9. Power of Nine – Lastly and probably most important, is to make sure that your SNSD album is with you on your way home. I know that you should have brought it home before the move but it’s just too tough to work overtime without your SNSD CD nearby.

Okay that last one was a joke, but it’s also true. Anyway, if anyone forgot to read the disclaimer, I do not claim to be an expert. I am just sharing my experience on the move that just happened.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

2 Responses to Moving Office: What to do during the move

  1. Renz says:

    Pota natawa ako dun sa last item hahahahaha.

  2. Arnel Panganiban says:

    Dude, you forgot to mention to ask your boss if your going to get paid for the overtime!! nyahaha!!

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