Soshified: My Source of SNSD Goodness

Are you not satisfied with the quality of the streaming videos that I have here on my blog? Do you want to download HD quality videos and HQ audios of SNSDs? Wondering how I managed to accumulate approximately 20GB worth of music videos and 40GB worth of TV appearances? Well, head over to is one of the largest unofficial SNSD forum with almost 50, 000 registered members. The forum was first opened to the public on the first day of February 2008. It has download links for several SNSD performances, most of the new ones are of HD quality. There are also some audio downloads available. But the best thing that they offer are the Video Subs. The Soshified staff does fansubbing on most of the SNSD TV appearances and series.

Downloading is not easy though. You need to have 25 relevant posts before you can download the un-subbed videos and a total of 50 posts to be able to access the fansub thread. And if you’re thinking of spamming random “Yay!” and “I really love SNSD!” on the discussion thread, that wouldn’t help. The board requires all posts to have at least 20 words. Also, if you’re looking for the Random thread to post non-nonsensical stuff, that won’t work either. The board doesn’t count post on non-SNSD related threads. My suggestion is to open the So Nyuh Discussion category and just answer the questions on all of the threads like “Who is your favorite SNSD member” and the likes.

So once you have 50 posts, what do you download?

Well, IMO, these are the must-haves in order to really know SNSD.

  • MNet Girls Go To School
  • KBS Joy Hello Baby
  • Factory Girl
  • Horror Movie Factory

But the video which has the most info about each member is the Intimate Note episode where they shout-out all the things that they don’t like with each other.

Of the five series above, a lot of the Soshified members do not like the Horror Movie Factory as it was supposedly boring. Though for me, it was okay as I got to see how fearless the members are, especially Taeyeon and Sunny.

Mnet Girls Go To School is their pre-debut series and MTV SNSD is where you can see their individual preferences. Hello Baby is where they are tasked of taking care of a baby, while Factory Girl is where they get to work for Elle Magazine.

Anyway, I hope that this post will help you in becoming a full-pledged SNSD fan.


Another thing about the site is that members, especially Tiffany, visits the site from time to time to chat.


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2 Responses to Soshified: My Source of SNSD Goodness

  1. thebrain2u says:

    Hey, nice write up. Found your site via Soshified’s twitter. I agree with your opinion of the essential series, it’s exactly what I tell people to watch when they first get into SNSD. Soshi’s crew is definitely one of the best subbers out there.

    • rayanami says:

      I’m glad you agree.

      Wow, they advertised my site on twitter? I guess that explains the sudden spike in visitors.

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