2010 National Election: Maguindanao Massacre

Political ads, TV guesting, surveys, mass murdering, well it’s official, election fever is here. Apparently, people would literally kill just to serve the public. Anyway, the Maguindanao massacre was apparently a regular happening during election time. Normally, I’d point my finger to the popular suspect and demand for his head but my dad is reading my blog now so I’ll try to base my opinions on facts as much as possible.

By following several journalist on Twitter, you can get some facts on the popular issue today. Here are a few from Carlos Conde (I got these from a ReTweet of mlq3):

RT @carlosconde: so far here are d facts: 1) there were checkpoints. impossible anyone in checkpoints to miss convoy going to hilltop.

RT @carlosconde: 2) there was backhoe at mass grave owned by the maguindanao province, with the name of andal ampatuan sr. emblazoned on it.

If what he says is true, then the Ampatuans, at the very least has to be questioned.

Who were the officers assigned in those checkpoints? How did they miss the convoys?

How the heck did that backhoe with the Governor’s name emblazoned on it got into the mass grave area? Who is in charge of that particular equipment? Is it possible that the backhoe was unattended and someone not in any way linked to the Ampatuans could have taken it?

Some other disturbing Tweets from Manuel Quezon III:

@mlq3 Remember the Ampatuans retain formidable machinery, 9 captive municipalities that act as one whenever clan is theatened.

@mlq3 Each town in Maguindanao is under an Ampatuan each with personal army, estimates total private army at 600-700 pax. So don’t count them out.

Okay, I think this one here is the bigger picture. Dissolving this private army, in my opinion, should be the priority. Getting the mastermind to prison is just the first step. Disarming this 600-700 plus private army should be the next objective. And not just in Maguindanao but all private army should be abolished from Ilocos down to Sulu.

I always wonder how they get their hands on powerful firearms that rivals our soldier’s.

Here are a few other tweets:

RT @beatrixpg: Compare d response to #ampatuanmassacre to rashness of arrest Failon & in-laws straight from hospital where d wife lay dying

Well, unfortunately for Mr. Failon, he doesn’t have a battalion of armed bodyguards to prevent rash arrests. I think the government virtually begged Ampatuan Jr to come in for questioning.

@mlq3 Pat Evangelista reporting from Maguindanao capitol: Journalists being warned to keep the story small, from getting bigger.

I wonder who is asking them to keep the story small. In any case, this story cannot be kept small, and honestly, I hope that the media make this a bigger issue than it really is, if that is even possible.

This incident has also made me remember a story a few months ago. Chavit Singson, who was an ally of President Arroyo, was involved in a certain beating up of his girlfriend’s other man. Malacañang asked Chavit to resign to which Chavit dared them to fire him instead as he will not resign. Up until now, I have not heard if he was fired or not. I think this is a good indicator on how Malacañang will handle this issue.


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