SNSD: Genie

I know it has been several weeks since SNSD’s mini-album was released here in the Philippines but it wasn’t until last week when I first heard the single Genie played on a local station. Too bad that it is too late in the year for them to catch up for the yearly awards. Ah well, maybe next year

Anyway, I’m happy that the people around me can finally relate to what has been my obsession in the past few months. Hopefully, they end up joining Soshified and our local SNSD fansite, GG Philippines and become active contributors. I am also hoping that the sales for their album skyrocket enough for SM Entertainment to consider including our country on SNSD’s Asian tour this December.

Oh hey, watch Invincible Youth! Though they only feature Sunny and Yuri, the show is quite entertaining (mainly because of Sunny Bunny and Hara). Speaking of Hara, you would really love her on that show. Here’s one funny moment with Hara.


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