QC cops kill 3 suspected carjackers: Why am I not impressed?

Back when I was young, whenever I hear news like this, I feel that our policemen are doing a great job and I felt safe. The opposite is now true in my late twenties. Ever since the infamous Kuratong-Baleleng rubout case back in the early 90s, I have had doubts whenever an entire criminal group is killed in a supposed shootout.

Well now we have a report from ABS-CBN News that I find disturbing. It may be that the reporter got the message wrong. Click here for the actual article.

The part that got me disturbed is this:

“Maaring marami nang alam ito kaya pinatay na nila. Sindikato ito ng carnapping,” Mendoza told ABS-CBN News.

Superintendent Chris Mendoza is the Quezon City Police District Station 6 commander. A rough translation of what he said is “It could be that they know a lot that is why they killed them. This is a carnapping syndicate”.

Hmm, the police killed the suspected car-nappers because THEY KNOW TOO MUCH? Please explain why they decided to kill them because they know too much? If it was really a true shootout, then why did Superintendent Mendoza have to mention that they know too much that’s why the cops killed them?

Just in case the reporter made a mistake and then correct his article, here is a screenshot of the original article so that you won’t accuse me of fabricating a story once it has been edited.


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